Television viewers might not have seen the last of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer. That's because it has been reported that ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" is courting him to be on the upcoming season of the popular dance competition show. This is great news even though the talks are only in the preliminary stage. Therefore, it is definitely too soon to get excited.

Why Spicer?

It is about time another politician joined the cast of "Dancing With The Stars." It might as well be Sean Spicer. USA Today reported that Spicer has some dancing experience.

For the last six months, he danced around questions and did some fancy footwork in his position as White House press secretary.

"Dancing with the Stars" is going into its 25th season and would welcome Spicer if he agrees to participate since he will be free. He resigned from his position at the White House a week ago after being in the position after only six months and one day. He was the spokesperson for President Donald Trump's administration. His position has already been filled by former press deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

It has been reported that Spicer wants to continue being on television. Some have said he has been meeting with major broadcasters to get ideas about a television career where he could share his knowledge of what went on in the White House during his tenure even though it was a short one.

It has also been reported that people are calling for Spicer to write a book to expose inside information about Trump's administration.

The show's spokeswoman -- Ashley Kline -- said the official announcement of the Season 25 cast will come much closer to the premiere date of September 18.

Other politicians

The idea of Spicer being a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" is not far-fetched.

The ABC dance series has had other politicians dance alongside celebrities, athletes, singers, and more. However, none of the politicians have ever won or made it to the finals. In all cases, they were the first ones to be eliminated.

Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas and two-time presidential candidate, was the last politician to be on America's biggest dance floor.

Perry competed during Season 23 in 2016. He was partnered with Emma Slater, and they were the second couple to be eliminated. His performance didn't impress the four judges or the viewers. Hopefully he is doing a much better job as the United States Secretary of Energy.

Tom DeLay, the former majority leader of the House of Representatives, competed in Season 9 in 2009. He was partnered with Cheryl Burke. His doctor and producers advised him to withdraw after the third week because of stress fractures in both feet.