Days after the shocking death of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, his Childhood Friend Chet has shared fond memories of their good old days. Meanwhile, the band Linkin Park has also come up with a website dedicated to suicide prevention.

Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington’s death has left his fans and friends shell-shocked but one thing that is for sure is that the singer and songwriter will always remain alive in their memories. One such friend of the singer has come forward and shared some fond moments related to the times that he and Chester spent together as kids.

Chester and Chet's childhood bond

Fans have yet to get over the shocking suicide of Chester Bennington but everyone remembers him as a great artist. His close friends will also treasure their memories of the famous singer, and an example of this is his friend his Chet who has shared some warm memories of their childhood. According to a report by Ultimate Guitar, Chet shared these memories of their childhood on Reddit. He apparently remembers his close friend as a person who made him laugh and was a source of light during his tough times. In the message, Chet acknowledged that both of them underwent terrible abuse during their childhood but their friendship helped them get over the pain and as a result, they shared a bond.

Chet remembers one memory very specifically. He says that they used to have a lot of fun when Chester would sleep over at his house. They would make a bed out of an orange burnt-out sofa and spend time sharing stories, bouncing and watching movies. He also revealed that he started working with his mother at a hospital when Chester had become a big name.

However, they could not keep in touch as their lives took different directions - something that Chet now regrets and he wishes he had an opportunity to revive their friendship.

Linkin Park’s attempt to prevent suicide

Meanwhile, Linkin Park has created a site in Chester Bennington’s memory that is dedicated to suicide prevention.

The rock band came up with the site and it contains resources to help people dealing with suicidal thoughts. The resources are in the form of website addresses and contact numbers. The site also offers fans a place where they can offer their condolences and messages to Chester Bennington.

Chester Bennington was found dead in his Los Angeles home last week on Thursday and the police ruled that he had hanged himself, making his death a case of suicide.