Canadian diva Celine Dion has many facets: one of the most celebrated singers in the world, businesswoman-philanthropist, and patron goddess of haute couture. She has cemented her legacy in part with some of the most memorable soundtrack songs ever sung. She has taken time to coach hopeful future singers like in the recently concluded 12th US season of “The Voice.” Lastly, she is one majorly influential fashion plate for haute couture if her concert gowns and public wear (backward tuxedo springs to mind) is any indication. But Celine is always far more than what she wears, and she has proven it in a mind-blowing way for Vogue in a stunning mini-pictorial that shows her while dressed-down, and in one pic not even dressed at all!

Celine beyond dressing down

The fashion media giant had the supreme honor and pleasure of following Celine Dion about while she was taking a break in between a mini-concert tour in Europe. For 24 hours Vogue took some very telling photos of the Grammy-winning diva in her element, from greeting adulating fans, to running over performance details, to deciding what haute couture pieces she will be wearing onstage. The money shot, however, is one photo of her “in between costume changes” for her tour shows.

This shot shows Celine sitting on a chair, knees elegantly crossed while her head is propped on one arm, its hand concealing her mouth. Aside from a folded towel on her lap she was completely nude, with her chair pose strategically positioning her extremities to keep her modesty.

But a look at what is not covered can easily give the impression that the Canadian idol is in such good shape at 49 years of age. Dion’s commentary in the photo caption encapsulates her knowledge of how she has set haute couture fashions. “The clothes follow me,” she declares. “I do not follow the clothes.”

Couture following Celine

Vogue’s photo-shoot of Celine Dion took place in Paris, towards the end of the Couture Week fashion event in the city.

Her daring nude shot aside, the world-renowned singer of hits like “My Heart Will Go On” was in full command of her haute couture clothing choices in the other photos. The one with her waving to a crowd of her fans had her in a micro floral number courtesy of Giambattista Valli, of which fashion show she and Vogue have dropped in on. Its caption rhapsodizes on how Celine is not the type to hide her feelings, making her all the more charming for her emotional transparency.

The Vogue pictorial with Celine Dion also figures on the magazine’s Instagram account. Her nude photo, in particular, has garnered over 100,000 likes and upwards of a thousand comments.

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