Marvel Studios’ presentation of the "Captain Marvel" concept art at the San Diego Comic-Con stoked discussions among comic book and movie fanatics. Brie Larson, the award-winning actress who got the coveted role, took to social media to convey just how fired up she is to play the plum part.

Larson wrote on her Instagram account that it is really happening. The “Room” actress’ fans responded by saying she will do a fantastic job and that the film will be “awesome.”

'Captain Marvel' film details revealed

Many of Larson’s online followers were thrilled at seeing the concept art for the costumed feminist heroine presented by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige at the Comic-Con.

Feige also took the occasion to confirm Samuel L. Jackson’s participation in the upcoming flick as Nick Fury. He also mentioned that “Captain Marvel” is set in the early 1990s.

Like the actress singled out to play the role of US Air Force officer-turned-superheroine, “Captain Marvel” has an identity all her own. The character is touted as one of Marvel’s mightiest Avengers.

There are bound to be comparisons to Wonder Woman, more so since both female fictional characters embody strength. As Carol Danvers, who gains powers when a Kree device exploded near her, Brie Larson will be tackling a multifaceted role.

Evolution of the character

The comic book character has been around for decades. If there is another female character worthy of crossing over from comic books to the big screen, it has got to be "Captain Marvel."

The character was initially known Ms.

Marvel, with comic book writers Chris Claremont and Gerry Conway breathing life to a self-titled series in January 1977. Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel took on other names, but her attributes remained intact – an intelligent, witty, humorous female whose military training and superpowers are put to utmost use in facing off against Earth’s invaders.

The film project is a huge role for Brie Larson, who is a staunch advocate for women’s rights. The 27-year-old actress is noted for standing up for herself and making her voice heard in the male-dominated film industry where gender pay gap has become the norm.

Other celebrities had expressed interest in playing the role of “Captain Marvel,” among them Ronda Rousey.

It just so happens that it is now Brie Larson’s turn to bask in the limelight.

Larson had stated in previous interviews that she was given a chance to show just how unique and complex a female superhero character can be. She is determined not to botch that chance. “Captain Marvel” is set for release in 2019.