While Black Widow has been very popular in the "Iron Man" and "Avengers" movies, there has still not yet been a female-led superhero movie in the Marvel Universe. Brie Larson will finally help fix that when she stars as Captain Marvel in an upcoming Marvel Comics Universe movie. According to Larson, it was important for her to take this role.

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

When asked about starring as Captain Marvel in the first female-led Marvel Comics movie, Brie Larson said that it was a huge choice for her to make. Brie is a hugely outspoken actress when it comes to the status of women in entertainment and women's rights in general.

Larson said that she wanted to create a character that was a symbol of strength and humor for women, one that she wishes that she had when she was a child. She said that there is no reason for this movie not to exist because women go to movies to see male leads and men should be comfortable going to movies to see female leads. Brie Larson also said that she was looking for a role that would allow her to be a heroine and this will be a huge chance for her. The last movie that Larson starred in was "Kong: Skull Island," where she was just a minor role player.

Who is Captain Marvel?

The idea of Captain Marvel is confusing for many people, even those who are comic book fans. Originally, Captain Marvel was the character that is now a DC Comics character known as Shazam.

Then, Marvel Comics created their own Captain Marvel, a male Kree soldier who came to Earth and became a hero. During that time, Captain Marvel met a U.S. Air Force officer named Carol Danvers and she gained her powers when a Kree device exploded near her. That is who Brie Larson is playing in the movie. She went by the name Ms.

Marvel for over three decades before finally changing it to Captain Marvel. In the comics, she has since become very important, a major member of The Avengers and a high ranking SHIELD and government official. There is also another Ms. Marvel in the comic books as one of the first Middle Eastern superheroes.