When it comes to intimacy and sex, the way that it is characterized, thought about, and engaged in is always expanding or progressing —and women are at the front line of this advancement. Traditionally, the tech industry has been a famously male dominated world, however, an escalated number of women are the driving force behind sex-tech companies. Beyond marketing adult toys these female driven organizations share a more ambitious objective of encouraging legitimate discussions and possibly change the way feminine gratification and sexual well being are thought about.

Straight Women Orgasm The Least

In a recent study, published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, heterosexual women reported having the least amount of orgasms. So it comes as no surprise, that Massachusetts Institute of technology graduate and product designer Janet Lieberman, 31, had an epiphany after spending lavishly on a number of sex toys that did not last long. “I realized there was a need for well-engineered sex toys,” Lieberman informed the NY Times. “There’s no real trusted brand and that’s what we’re setting out to be.”

To help execute her mission in 2014, Lieberman partnered with Alexandra Fine, 29, a Columbia University clinical psychology graduate with a concentration in marriage counseling and sex therapy.

The two-women team met via the ever popular online social networking portal, Meetup, embarking on a journey to construct a well rounded expertly designed vibrator for couples, but specifically for ladies. “We are just trying to make the world a happier place, one vagina at a time,” assured Lieberman in their 2014 fundraising video on Indiegogo.

With that mission in mind, the duo came up with Eva, a hands-free silicone medical-grade oval shaped vibrator that conveniently attaches to a woman’s genitalia with the assistance of two wings inserted under the labia. The hands-free components allows couples to equally focus on intimacy without putting up any barriers that other hands-free sex toys on the market implore.

Eva stays out of the male partner's way while allowing the woman to be in control of her experience.

After raising upwards of $850,000 on Indiegogo the feminist focused technology team was able to bring their product to the masses in 2015. Eva sells for $105 apiece with a total of 65,000 units purchased to date, it is marketed with one other product under the company the women formulated named Dame Products.

Relationship and Sex Confirms That Eva is Worth Her Weight in Gold

Sex and relationship writer Amanda Chatel shared via her Bustle column that after an initial period of skepticism about the hands-free device actually being pleasurable while staying in place that Eva proved to improve her orgasms altogether.

“As someone who usually has to be on top to orgasm, if I'm not using outside assistance, Eva gave me the opportunity to experience orgasms in other positions,” asserted Chatel. She concludes, “neither one of us had to worry about stimulating my [genitalia], because Eva did all the work for us. And, honestly, the vibration as opposed to our fingers, combined with the G-spot stimulation of the position, made those orgasms so much better…”

Ultimately, the women would like to close up what they have defined as the Pleasure Gap. “In heterosexual couples, women are more than four times likelier to describe recent sex as unpleasurable,” states the company’s Indiegogo web page.

“In fact, studies have shown that men orgasm more than twice as often as their female partners during sex.”

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