Blac Chyna admitted on Monday how devastated she was after Rob Kardashian has posted a sexually explicit image of her on the social media. Fortunately, the model has won over Kardashian with her Temporary Restraining Order. In one of her interviews with "Good Morning America," Chyna revealed that she was shocked with what Kardashian did as she trusted him a lot.

Meanwhile, a report from LA Times has confirmed that Chyna has been granted by the restraining order on Monday by the court. James E. Blancarte, the Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner, issued the order on Monday following the pending hearing that is set to be done on August 8.

Strong orders

As per LA Times, their conflict started when Kardashian accused Chyna of cheating on him. Hence, in return, he posted photos of Chyna, the mother of his child, on Instagram. Meanwhile, an official statement was also issued by Lisa Bloom, Chyna's lawyer, as she said that the court has just issued very strong and enforceable orders.

The temporary restraining order will apparently prevent Kardashian not to come near to his wife. It has been believed that what he did was a form of cyber bullying and Bloom added that he has to pay the consequences of what he did.

Bloom further shared that revenge porn is still another form of abuse. Hence, what he did was a sort of crime not only in California but as well as with the other thirty-eight states of America.

Restraining order

During her official statement, Chyna has thanked the judge for granting her request over her temporary restraining order. She added that she was thankful for being protected by the court. Hence, she can go back home and continue co-parenting her child, Dream.

On the other hand, Kardashian's attorney also had spoken.

Robert Shapiro revealed that his client has been voluntarily complying with the court order. In addition, Kardashian no longer appeared on the court but his lawyer, Shapiro, had spoken on his behalf.

Right now, Kardashian and Chyna's main concern is to co-parent their 9-month old daughter.

Meanwhile, Kardashian's lawyer also had spoken on his behalf and has asked for an apology over what happened. He also expressed the regret that his client felt for what has taken place in the past couple of days. As he ended his statement, he added, "We move forward to do one thing and one thing only, whatever is in the best interest of this child." Amid the news, Kardashian has kept himself mum over it.