Do things look not-quite-sincere about the Duggar sisters of "Counting On?" The family's earlier Reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" was all about preaching Bible modesty, purity, and humility. But the ladies are now practicing some very worldly "immodesty." In fact, their seductive fashion-forward posing and "sexy" made-up Instagram pictures have given rise to debates over plastic surgery, who's the hottest Duggar and false advertising.

Duggar girls disobey Bible, dress like "pagans"?

In their heavy makeup, styled hair and alluring poses, the reality TV stars are more Kardashian than Duggar.

Instead of Titus 2 women, painted faces look like the Babylonian Jezebel. If that sounds harsh and judgmental, consider that "19 Kids and Counting" Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are the first to cast stones.

The "Counting On" parents eschew immodest attire, ergo the long, plain skirts and all-encompassing tops. So how do they get around the Biblical injunction against adornment? Mother Michelle Duggar explained that slippery slope saying that styling hair and wearing lots of makeup pleases God.

Duggar girls get plastic surgery?

If the "Counting On" ladies make up like Kim Kardashian, do they also get plastic surgery? The "19 Kids and Counting" mom hypocritically tells her girls to doll up, despite God forbidding it and herself preaching against it.

The reality TV mom has urged weight loss on daughters to be attractive to their husbands. Might Michelle Duggar also suggest plastic surgery for her kids even though she eschews it in others? The question isn't without provocation. In her frequent seductive "duck face" poses, Jessa Seewald's lips look puffier, as if she's had lip injections or lip implants.

Duggars show less, arouse more?

The TLC reality television show "19 Kids and Counting" doesn't appear to be a pageant show like "Toddlers & Tiaras." But it's become something of a beauty contest with Michelle Duggar as the pageant mom. Sisters Jana Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Jinger Duggar Vuolo, and Jessa Seewald have taken to showing more skin and style sense.

And funnily enough, it's not Jinger Vuolo's pants that are raising eyebrows. It's the understated seductive poses and revealingly "modest" clothing. No one wants to be the one to suggest it, but could this repressed sexiness have led to Josh Duggar's pedophilia and incest?

Who's the sexiest Duggar of them all?

A few years ago, Youtube showed some "Counting On" girls' pictures that had been hacked to show them "sexy." But a lot of fans on the Internet felt that what the Duggar girls reveal and what they leave to the imagination is the arousing part. Less is more and an enticing "come-hither" look can be just as "hot" as thongs and bikinis. So who's the hottest Duggar? Jessa Seewald took the prize for Ben Seewald's Instagram post of his then-girlfriend, clad in a tight figure-hugging sweater, cuddling up to an assault weapon.