Big Brother 19” spoilers could soon include that Cody Nickson has returned to the game. The summer 2017 season is going to have a competition where recently evicted houseguests get a chance to get back in the house and work toward winning that $500,000 prize. It will give Cody another chance to join the “BB19” cast and possibly get crowned the winner this season.

CBS viewers saw on Thursday night (July 13) that the evicted houseguests will soon get a chance to play in a Battle Back Competition for a second chance this season. It is how Victor Arroyo was able to get back in the house during “Big Brother 18” and rejoin his partnership with Paul Abrahamian.

Victor didn’t end up making it to the end, though, as some of his alliances had moved on without him.

Can Cody Nickson win the Battle Back Competition?

It really doesn’t seem like Cody is going to have stiff competition to get back in the game this summer. If the challenge is physical, then he may have an easy time defeating Cameron Heard, Jillian Parker, and the evicted houseguest from July 20. There are already additional “Big Brother 19” spoilers about who that next target has become, with Dominique Cooper likely walking out the front door.

It might be a more interesting challenge if it’s a mental competition, but producers have frequently used endurance challenges to decide who will re-enter the game each summer.

If that is the case, Cody Nickson will have a definite advantage, but it’s possible that Cameron Heard could surprise some viewers. Cameron claims that he threw the first Head of Household Competition of the season, so maybe he has something more to offer this season.

Will Cody have any alliance members if he gets back in “BB19” house?

It’s possible that Jessica Graf, who was in a showmance with Cody Nickson, could still be in the “BB19” house upon his (potential) return. That would go a long way toward building an alliance. It’s also possible that Alex Ow would want to team up with Cody to work at evicting Paul Abrahamian.

Taking out a returning houseguest would certainly be a bold game move.

Production would certainly like to have Cody back in the house because he provides a lot of drama for the live feed subscribers and footage for the CBS episodes. Even when he isn’t doing anything, CBS has been able to use footage of his “resting face” this season. The “Big Brother 19” spoilers from the next week will certainly provide some entertainment for the viewers, even if Cody Nickson comes up short in the Battle Back Competition.