Big Brother 19” spoilers from Friday (July 14) begin and end with the Week 3 HOH nominations. Fans watching the show play out on the CBS live feeds already know that Alex Ow won the long endurance competition on Thursday evening (July 13). That gave Alex the power to come up with the Week 3 nominations, deciding which two houseguests would be at risk of going home this week.

The BB19” cast has been in a bit of an upheaval with someone new in charge, as Cody Nickson and Paul Abrahamian had controlled the house for the first 21 days of the season.

Now, Alex has a chance to really make some bold moves, which might be how some people view the people she just named at the Nomination Ceremony.

Who did Alex Ow choose as the Week 3 HOH Nominations?

Alex nominated Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper for eviction, with both ladies now needing to win the Power of Veto to guarantee their safety. Alex already discussed her plan with Jessica, telling her that she is safe and just getting used as a pawn this week. With very few allies left in the house, Jessica doesn’t have much choice but to go along with those plans. As for the primary focus of these “Big Brother 19” spoilers, Dominique is the target for eviction.

It would appear that Dominique has turned a lot of the houseguests against her, mostly because of the way that she talks about the game or discusses it with other members of the “BB19” cast.

It boils down to her really lacking a social game inside the house and her lack of success in any of the competitions could be her ultimate undoing. While most nominees can prepare for the Veto Competition with the hope that they could survive in the house, Dominique may need to get really lucky to last until Week 4.

Did Alex Ow make the right moves as the new Head of Household?

This is an interesting week in the “BB19” house, as Paul Abrahamian has safety and Jessica Graf has become the enemy of nearly everyone. It would be very easy for Alex to just target Jessica and get her out of the house, but that would be a waste of her opportunity as the Head of Household.

Getting Dominique Cooper out isn’t exactly a bold move, though, as she also doesn’t have many alliance members. What Alex is doing could be considered a calculated move to not make too many waves.

These “Big Brother 19” spoilers are definitely going to impact how the rest of the weekend progresses in the house. Jessica Graf knows that she needs to win the Veto to guarantee her own safety and several other houseguests (like Christmas Abbott) may need to figure out a way to secure to veto to make sure that they don’t get the back door treatment. The next episode of “Big Brother 19” will air on Sunday (July 16) at 8 p.m. PT/ET.