Ben Affleck and his rumored girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus, were reportedly on the busy streets of New York on Wednesday. The rumored pair was seen enjoying a drink from Starbucks as they walked holding each other's hand. Meanwhile, a report from E! News has further confirmed that the pair has decided to finally step out in public after the divorce news about Affleck surfaced online.

To recall, both were also spotted a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles. Both had kept it casual as they walked along the streets of LA. Hence, it is not strange for the couple to be seen on several dates together.

However, this has been the first time that the couple has been spotted in the city that never sleeps.

Happy together

An insider has told E! News that the pair was seen walking happily together in New York. Further, some fans were also quick to conclude that Affleck is literally happy with his new romance. Affleck and Shookus wore their simple outfit at the streets of Big Apple at 2:30 in the afternoon. The actor was seen wearing a simple shirt and low-key jeans. Meanwhile, Shookus has kept it cool as she wore her patterned mini-dress paired with white sneakers.

Further, the rumored couple is also slated to take their first red carpet appearance yet since they had stepped out in public last July 6.

Without a doubt, both are now ready to take their romance into the spotlight. Affleck and Shookus are certainly not hiding their love for each other in the world.

Family and wellness

This recent news about Affleck and Shookus came shortly after the "Batman" actor confirmed that he's leaving Netflix's "Triple Frontier." Affleck decided to cancel his upcoming film in order to shift his focus on his family and wellness.

To recall, the actor was once under a rehab due to his alcohol addiction. Hence, he revealed that he is still on the process of his recovery.

Meanwhile, he also added that he wanted to spend more time with his family and to his children. Amid his busy schedule, the actor seemed to be enjoying his summer a lot with the "Saturday Night Live" producer.

Further, a source also told E! News that Affleck and Shookus, who met years ago, seemed to be taking things seriously with their Relationship. Nevertheless, it seemed that Shookus also looked very happy as she spent her time with the actor.

Fans are also looking forward for Affleck to finally settle with Shookus following her divorce with Jennifer Garner after their 10 years of marriage.