Actress Gabrielle Union has done an excellent job taking on the role of a news anchor in BET original series "Being Mary Jane." This season's premiere was a continuation from the last season. In episode eleven, MJ finally got her anchor seat, after working with news producer Justin to get Rhonda fired. MJ might be younger than Rhonda but can not carry out the same rating. She has issues with drinking a lot when she goes through a break up with a guy.

Before this Season Premiere, Mary Jane was changing into her new self-image. She has a bad reputation with men on the show.

This new love, Justin has been surprisingly nice to her and always reminds MJ that he got her to the top. Should she trust him? Kara who is MJ’s best friend does not seem to think so. MJ always catches feelings for guys who are already in a relationship or inconsiderate jerks. Additionally, she is known for not keeping a man. She just recently hit it off with a British comedy guy, Lee, who happens to have children.

Justin and Mary Jane: just sex or relationship?

Furthermore, Justin was MJ's nemesis but has quickly become her lover. Just before the premiere, Justin leaned over to kiss her on multiple occasions while on the job. Those who that watch frequently saw the steamy sex scene at night in the newsroom.

MJ breaks up with her boyfriend Lee and admits to sleeping with Justin. He abruptly leaves in sadness. She feels rejuvenated thinking her and Justin are a thing now.

Sadly mistaken. Justin invited her to the club for some drinks and made everything clear. He tells her that he still has a girlfriend and what has been happening needs to stop really.

But, wait? Justin has been commencing the romance. Kind of hypothetically. She tells Justin she broke up with Lee to be with him. He is blown away at her thinking he wanted a relationship. By the end of this episode, Justin is trying to sabotage MJ’s relationship with a new guy.

People! People it was just a kiss!

Moreover, Lee’s ex-wife went shopping with MJ to pick out new clothing.

When MJ was changing, Lee's ex-wife leaned over to kiss her. She was shocked and immediately pushed her away.This recap is only 20% of the premiere. Tune in to find out what happened to the rest of the premiere.

So, what to expect for the next episode?

For the next episode you should expect MJ to continue to cry over her stupid decision, but form a bond with another news industry guy. Expect Kara to still feel like a MILF while dating baseball player Orlando. Expect MJ’s brother to start looking for other places to live. Lee will probably fight for MJ back even though he deserves better.