A new "Justice League" trailer was showcased at San Diego Comic-Con as audiences during the film's panel saw the first appearance of Steppenwolf, the invasion from Apokolips and Superman's return.

Unite the League and Steppenwolf's invasion

The SDCC trailer starts with a bank heist as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman easily took care of them and saved the hostages. A co-worker asked Diana if she did something this weekend, replying that "nothing interesting." The scene shifts to the city of Metropolis, still mourning over the death of Superman as the crime wave in the city has risen and Batman has been a no show.

Bruce has been preparing for a possible invasion as he tracks down the metahumans that were discovered by Lex Luthor in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice."

The next scene will feature Diana's home of Theymiscira as the film's main antagonist Steppenwolf invades the island to retrieve on the three Mother Boxes left on earth. With no Superman or Green Lanterns guarding the planet, Steppenwolf feels that they could subjugate earth easily.

Batman assembles the Justice League: Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg to fight Steppenwolf. Audiences get to see Cyborg hack Batman's "Nightcrawler" vehicle, The Flash's Speed Force abilities, the new Batmobile, Aquaman facing Steppenwolf in Atlantis.

The Justice League appear before Gotham City Commissioner James Gordon, as he asked them if there are "more of them," with Batman replying "not enough." As Gordon was about to ask what their plans are, the team disappeared with The Flash comically stating they just "disappeared" without him.

Superman returns

The ending of the "Justice League" sees Alfred Pennyworth noticing a thunderous sound as the liquid from his drink moved.

He then sees an unknown figure and talks to it, stating "he said you'd come" and hopes he is not "too late." Fans have speculated that figure could be Superman, who is resurrected since his death.

It is no surprise that the Man of Steel will return to the "Justice League" film, probably in the climax of the movie. He also probably going to fight Steppenwolf alone, since the rest of the team is busy fighting Paradaemons.

Superman's return will give hope back to the world as Bruce points out that he is a "beacon" and he show's the best qualities of themselves despite being an alien. Kal-El will sport a brighter Kryptonian suite, which signifies a more cheerful and hopeful Man of Steel in the movie.

"Justice League" is set to premiere on Nov.17.