"Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay and Peter Kraus have serious chemistry that viewers have noticed for quite a while now. The two will have a chance to speak candidly with one another on episode 7 as they explore their relationship and see where things stand between them. Tonight's episode goes from six contestants down to four, so Rachel is having to make some difficult decisions on who sticks around for the hometown dates.

One-on-one date for Rachel and Peter

According to "The Bachelorette" spoilers for tonight's episode, Rachel and Peter go sightseeing around the Swiss Alps via a helicopter ride.

The two land on Glacier 3000 and will take a sled ride to a quaint little cottage where they'll enjoy some hot chocolate. It's also a time for the pair to discuss their future and Rachel has a few concerns.

Peter's honesty "scares" Rachel

According to a preview clip posted by ABC, Rachel fears rejection from Peter if she chooses him at the end. His honesty reveals that he may not be completely prepared to get engaged by the end of season. He tells her that if he gets on one knee and proposes to her, he wants to be sure that his heart is in it "100 percent." If he has reservations in the event she picks him, he won't have a problem letting her know. In other words, he won't be pressured into asking her to marry him just because she's his pick.

"His honesty scares me," Lindsay says. "He's somebody that I can see a future with so what if he's the one standing at the end and then he doesn't want to get down on one knee? That's scary and I don't know what to do."

Rachel worries that she'll be rejected in front of the world in "The Bachelorette" finale if the man she falls in love with doesn't feel the same way -- or isn't ready like she is.

It's everyone's worst nightmare to have their heart broken and Rachel is no different. If Rachel tells Peter that he's the one she wants to be with and he can't go through with a proposal, does that mean they can't take more time in their relationship getting to know each other? It's not what producers are aiming for, but surely they wouldn't deny them that option.

Will Peter be ready?

Will Peter be ready to propose to Rachel if she chooses him in the end? His hesitation at this moment gives her as much to worry about any contestant hoping for the final rose. Whatever happens, Rachel is happy since the show wrapped and is reportedly engaged.

"The Bachelorette" 2017, episode 7, airs Monday night on ABC at 8 p.m, ET/PT.