The past month has been a tumultuous one for "Bachelor in Paradise" stars DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, who found themselves in the middle of a scandal after Warner Bros. halted production due to "sexual misconduct." In the middle of June, production was shut down and cast members were sent home from Mexico because the studio was going to investigate an incident between two cast members that turned out to be Olympios and Jackson.

Both sides released official statements since then and the studio has concluded their investigation. According to the studio, they did not find any evidence of misconduct or anything that would put their cast members in a dangerous situation.

They've closed the investigation, but Olympios' camp decided to pursue their own independent investigation. Now, it was Jackson's turn to shed light on what truly happened that night.

DeMario Jackson opens up about his 'humbling' experience

Both DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios' names were dragged through the mud following the "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal. Since then, production has resumed and is likely to see a later air date, but things are going as planned, less the two cast members.

Jackson hasn't been confirmed to return, while Olympios reportedly declined. Jackson told E! News that "This whole experience was humbling" because since the news of a scandal, his friends and family, as well as his friends on the show "went to bat for me.

They spoke on my integrity and who I was as a man and what I did on set, and it was just really humbling."

Jackson did not have sex with Corinne Olympios

Contrary to many reports indicating that "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson engaged in sexual intercourse, the pair, in fact, did not have sex, as Jackson could not get an erection from consuming too much alcohol.

Buzzfeed News reported that Jackson admitted to getting what he called "whiskey dick," to which Olympios said, "No, it's okay." She then proceeded to grant him access to her private parts to have oral sex.

'BIP' cast member believes ABC was setting him up

In the same interview, "Bachelor in Paradise" star DeMario Jackson admitted that he was starting to think that ABC was setting him up to be a villain again.

During his stint in "The Bachelorette," he was painted as a villain after an ex called him out, and in "BIP," it seemed that the studio wanted to play him off as another villain. He also believed that it had something to do with race. Nonetheless, Jackson hasn't confirmed his involvement with the forthcoming season of "Bachelor in Paradise," which is set to air later in the summer.