Ashley Darby from “The Real Housewives of Potomac” has learned to use her voice over this past year. As it turns out, Ashley is no longer just a young girl in Potomac who seems to have to suck up to her co-stars in order to be heard. Darby is not afraid to speak her mind and when she learned that one of her “Real Housewives of Potomac” co-stars may be having financial issues, she decided to question it. It didn’t help that this co-star is someone who wants to be treated as someone, who is better than everyone else.

Young Potomac housewife puts self-labeled Grand Dame in her place

Also, it didn't help that Karen Huger decided to call Ashley an idiot when she started questioning Karen about her decision to suddenly move out of Potomac.

Now, according to Bravo, Ashley is starting to question what's really going on in Karen's life. Karen and her husband haven't revealed anything about why they decided to suddenly move out of Potomac and into Great Falls, Virginia, but Darby now wants to know the truth.

Karen isn’t saying anything, but there may be more going on than just problems with the finances. In her new Bravo blog for “The Real Housewives of Potomac,” Darby reveals that when Karen called her an idiot, it was further proof for her that there's more to the unexpected move. Of course, on “The Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion, fans will start questioning whether there is indeed more going on with Karen and her husband. There are even rumors that Karen may have a younger boyfriend, which is something that will be brought up for the first time during the reunion special.

'RHOP' star calls attention to financial issues

When Bravo asked Ashley Darby whether she liked Karen’s house in Great Falls, Darby revealed that it's not her taste. She also explains that even though there was plenty of glitz and glamor at the party that they hosted, the house is simply too big for her and her husband, which raises the question that she may be trying to hide something.

Ashley also pointed out that the house needs a makeover and personal touches here and there. As one last effort to get back at Karen for calling her an idiot, Ashley Darby makes the claim that perhaps Karen was getting tired of waiting for linoleum floors to become popular again. She's clearly making a dig at Karen's previous kitchen, which was in dire need of a makeover.

What do you think about Ashley Darby's comments about Karen Huger's possible financial issues?

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