Nick Viall may have found love on his season of “The Bachelor” recently as he fell in love with a Canadian woman. However, it did take many years for Nick to find love on the show, as he appeared on “The Bachelorette” twice and “Bachelor In Paradise” once. Throughout all those times, he came close to popping the question and getting engaged to the lady he was courting, but the women never seem to be interested in taking things to the next level.

But when Nick proposed to Vanessa on this past season of “The Bachelor,” she said yes. It sounds like they've been living a great life ever since. Nick did choose to go on “Dancing with the Stars” after getting engaged, but the show didn't ruin the relationship as it had done with previous “Bachelor” contestants.

Of course, Nick is always trying to be funny on social media so when he learned that Rob Kardashian was letting loose on Instagram and Twitter in regards to his former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, yesterday, Nick decided to post a tweet about fighting over the Internet.

He loved following along Rob Kardashian's drama

According to Twitter, he wrote that people fighting on the Internet always works out the way they planned. He then followed up with the comment said “…no one ever.” Of course, this is a hilarious dig at Rob Kardashian, who completely let loose on his ex-girlfriend yesterday. He called her out for cheating, for sending him half nude pictures, and for him spending thousands of dollars on her to get new jewelry. However, since Nick has been so open and honest about his failures in finding love on television, fans of his had plenty to say about his joke.

One person replied to him, “people finding love in reality television always works out the way they planned…" and then sharing a hilarious GIF of Kandi Burruss sipping on ice water. Of course, this is a direct dig at Nick, who had gone on a reality show three separate times to find love.

It was actually his fourth on a reality television show that ended up working out. The two of them have been together for a few months now and it sounds like they are taking some time away from the spotlight. This is healthy for the relationship.

Should he be laughing at the heartbroken Rob?

Even though this was a hilarious response to Nick Viall, it sounds like he enjoyed the fight between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Rob was clearly hurt and decided to completely open up about what was happening yesterday in his private life. Blac Chyna is supposedly exploring all options with her lawyer to file something against Rob. The two do share a daughter, so one can imagine that Rob's family is trying to protect her at all costs. As for Nick, he just enjoyed the fight, possibly with a bowl of popcorn like the rest of the world.

What do you think of Nick Viall making such a comment that people fighting on the Internet always works out the way the planned - and then clearly not? Do you find people's responses to his tweet hilarious?

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