The love story of Prince Harry and the "Suits" actress, Meghan Markle seems to be a fairytale disaster. Reports are making the rounds that they are planning to get married in 2018 but the Queen is reportedly unhappy about it.

According to a recent report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Queen Elizabeth II disapproves of Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle. Apparently, this has led to the Prince’s decision to quit the life of royalty, so he can marry and live a quiet life as an ordinary citizen with Markle.

Prince Harry fights for Meghan Markle and their romance

OK Magazine revealed that Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth was not in favor of his relationship with Markle because of her career as an actress. An insider claimed that the current situation of the Prince and Markle is awful, as he needs to choose between his beloved woman or his country. He seems to prefer his relationship with Markle because he is ready to settle down and leave his duty behind.

Insiders said that the Prince cannot imagine his life without Markle. He is reportedly not giving up on their relationship as he waited several years to find the woman of his dreams.

Will Prince Harry finally give up his royal duties for the love of his life?

During his previous interview, the Prince revealed that he was just following his royal obligations out of duty. He reportedly stated that he has no interest in becoming the King of his country at all. This made the people of England worried about his dedication to their country.

Queen Elizabeth was reportedly unhappy to hear about the Prince's opinions concerning their duties. His grandmother wished that he had just kept his thoughts to himself to avoid conflict and drama. However, despite his desire to live a normal life, Prince Harry continues to serve his country. Another who is not in favor of Harry and Markle's relationship is Camilla Parke Bowles, the second wife of Prince Charles who is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, apparently, Bowles does not like Markle because of the fact that she has been married before and also because she is a celebrity. Reports also made the rounds before that Bowles is the reason why Prince William decided to breakup with Kate Middleton in 2007.

Prince Harry confirmed his romance with Meghan Markle in November 2016. Fans of the royal Prince are hoping that things will be able to work out between him and the “Suits” actress, Meghan Markle. However, people will just have to wait and see what happens as so much of the Prince Harry story is either mere speculation or has been dubbed as fake news.