Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo recently shared cute throwback pictures of her while she was still single. The photos, posted on her Instagram account, were taken back in 2015 during the Duggar Family's mission trip to El Salvador. According to Jinger, this was the time she first fell in love with her husband, former soccer player Jeremy Vuolo.

"Throwback to that day I fell in love with my man on the mission field in Central America," the 23-year-old wrote in the caption. She also included an emoji of El Salvador's national flag. Are Jinger and Jeremy planning to leave the United States to work as full-time missionaries just like Jill and Derick Dillard?

Jinger and Jeremy study Spanish

Last week's "Counting On" episode featured Jinger and Jeremy trying to learn the Spanish language. The particular scene showed the young couple trying to make their lessons fun by using flashcards. The subject of kids was even brought up when Jeremy quizzed Jinger on the correct Spanish word for baby. Later, the two went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

According to Jinger, they have been studying the language for the past month and that it's an "enjoyable thing" for them to do as newlyweds. While it’s fun to see Jinger and Jeremy do something together as newlyweds, it’s interesting to see that they’ve chosen to study Spanish this intently. Could they be planning to work as missionaries like Jinger’s older sister Jill?

Jeremy preaches about missionary life

"Counting On fans know that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard have been serving as evangelical missionaries in El Salvador for more than two years now. The couple shuttles their young family back and forth Central America, where they minister to rural areas.

Recently, Jeremy Vuolo talked about the call to missions in one of his sermons.

Referencing the book of Philippians, the 29-year-old athlete-turned-preacher slammed inexperienced missionaries who go to the field without qualifications and preparations. He called these types as “unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, unsent zealots” who end up “doing more harm than good.”

Jeremy’s radical preaching was seen by some Duggar fans as a subtle diss at Jill and Derick Dillard, who have previously admitted that their mission to El Salvador was a sudden decision.

Neither Jill nor Derick even spoke Spanish when they first went to the country.

Clearly, El Salvador has a special place in Jinger's heart as this was where she and Jeremy started their relationship. Now that the young couple is taking the time to learn Spanish and preaching about the mission field, could this be an indication that they are seriously planning to embark on their own ministry in Central America?

The couple, who got married in November last year, is currently living in Laredo, Texas where Jeremy is an ordained pastor in a community church. Watch their adventures as newlyweds on "Counting On" every Monday, 9 p.m. on TLC.