James Foley is the director of the second film based on E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades” novels. He was grateful directing two actors smoothly despite the fact that the sexy scenes were very intimate mixed with some sort of perversion. He was amazed at the way Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson acted during and after filming.

'Fifty Shades Darker' director amazed at Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson relationship

In an interview with Foley by The Hollywood News, the director revealed that since the first day to the very last day of their shooting for Fifty Shades Darker,” he never saw and felt any friction between Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

He even emphasized that he is not exaggerating by saying it.

The 63-year-old director said that he found it pretty unusual thinking that they have no relationship whatsoever. It was only when the filming progressed that his actors developed a friendship that both Johnson and Dornan admitted. The 27-year-old actress said he discovered along the way that she could trust her leading man. Then from there, she found shooting their intimate scenes not so tedious but bearable and fun.

The friendship became so relaxing and open that the public noticed and assumed that they are in a real romantic relationship behind the cameras. Jamie Dornan’s wife even vouched that her husband and his screen partner are friends in real life and that friendship included her.

James Foley also shared that there was zero instance where the pair got scenes that they felt uncomfortable or did not want to do. According to him, they got that comfortable and humorous relationship where they laugh a lot and enjoy.

Dakota Johnson finds Jamie Dornan wonderful

For Dakota Johnson, she said that her partner was a talented, hilarious, and wonderful human.

She said that trust and friendship developed between them in such amazing intensity. Dornan said that Johnson has a way of knowing what he was going through and vice versa. The actor admitted in previous interviews that he would protect his partner and would make her laugh to ease the tension during shoots.

Despite the fact that Dornan said that he is done with the franchise after finishing the third film titled “Fifty Shades Freed,their friendship remained intact.

The actor wants to venture into other roles and does not want to be associated for long with Christian Grey’s character.

His latest film is titled “My Dinner with Herve” opposite Peter Dinklage according to Korea Portal. It is about Herve Villechaize, portrayed by Dinklage, who ended his own life after interviewing Dornan’s character.Fifty Shades Freed" is directed by James Foley and will be released in February 2018.