"X-Men: dark phoenix" is the upcoming offering of Fox for all the mutant fans out there. In the said movie, former "X-Men" stars will be returning such as Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Another exciting thing to look forward to in the upcoming movie is the possibility that jessica chastain will be joining the cast to play the role of a villain. Simon Kingberg will also be using the movie to serve as his directorial debut based on his own adaptation.This is not Kingsberg's first time to work behind the scenes in this genre as he has already written and produced previous films in the franchise including "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" and "X-Men: Apocalypse."

According to reports, "Dark Phoenix" will be mainly shot in Montreal and Simon Kingsberg will be joined by Lauren Shuler Donner and Hutch Parker to assist in production.

"Dark Phoenix" will be the third movie set to be released by Fox, following "Deadpool 2" and the franchise spinoff, "The New Mutants."

'Dark Phoenix' updates

As of writing, very few details have been released about the "Dark Phoenix." This could most probably be attributed to the fact that it is still in the pre-production stage, and Fox is more focused on the two franchise films set to be released early and mid-2018. "Dark Phoenix" is set to be released on November 2, 2018.

That said, there's still a lot of changes expected in the upcoming movie. Although the main line-up of the protagonists is almost final, the role of Jean Grey's greatest enemy in the movie is still reportedly up for grabs. There have been speculations that Oscar-nominated actress, Jessica Chastain, is the prime pick for the role of the villain in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix."

Sophie Turner vs. Jessica Chastain

According to spoilers,the movie will center on Jean Grey and her telepathic journey and how she handles the dark force of the Phoenix.

Sophie Turner will be reprising her role as Jean Grey and the fans are excited to see who she will be fighting against in the upcoming movie.

According to reports, if all goes well, Jessica Chastain will be all set to play the role of Lilandra, an evil being who heads the alien empire of Shi'ar. The 40-year old actress has starred in several Hollywood hits like "The Zookeeper's Wife,"Molly's Game" and "Miss Sloane." As of writing, Fox has yet to confirm Jessica Chastain's role in "X-Men: DarkPhoenix" movie .

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