The Mummy” takes a new look at the character of Princess Ahmanet of ancient Egypt and projects her in a different light compared to what had been depicted earlier. Sofia Boutella (35) plays the main character and she admits that she was initially reluctant to do the role.

She had already done a lot of makeup for the alien warrior Jaylah that she portrayed in the 2016 movie “Star Trek Beyond” and she was not in a mood to repeat such exercises all over again. She did not want to be labeled a monster who was scaring people on the streets. However, Alex Kurtzman the director of the movie convinced her that this would be a new experience for her and she finally accepted the role.

The story of ‘The Mummy’

Sky News reports that after discussing the story with director Alex Kurtzman, she liked the project because she had seen the original versions of the namesake and wanted to honor those movies. Her only worry was about the time she would have to devote to makeup.

Therefore, they conducted a number of screen tests to cover all the stages of regeneration of “The Mummy.” Ultimately it boiled down to acceptable levels of time taken on makeup – the longest was of six hours duration and the shortest approximately four hours. That, to her, was within acceptable limits.

“The Mummy” is the first in studio Universal's new Dark Universe franchise and Tom Cruise plays the lead role of Nick Morton. He is a soldier who discovers The Mummy's tomb.

Sofia Boutella is all praises for him. Her co-star, Annabelle Wallis, is the love interest of Tom Cruise and “The Mummy” is set for release in the UK on 9 June.

This genre of film has a special appeal

The Mummy” is a movie that has a special appeal to the audience, young or old. Movies of this genre offer immense scope for the creative teams to fantasize and evolve breathtaking scenes that keep the audience enthralled.

Such movies dig into the past and offer a heady mix of reality woven into a matrix of imagination.

Sofia Boutella had acted in “Star Trek Beyond” which was about the future and she will now be seen in a movie that will take the viewer into a world of the past; of ancient Egypt and Pharaohs. She will be walking the streets of a city and people will run for cover when they see her approaching.

Hopefully, “The Mummy” will succeed in breaking new ground. It is a monster movie that will offer plenty of thrills to keep the audience spellbound and on the edge of their seats.

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