"Say Yes to the Dress" has been airing for ten years and has shown thousands of brides searching for their perfect wedding dress in Kleinfeld bridal boutique. The dream wedding is something every woman thinks about, and this show is a way of living the dream without all the expenses. With sales consultants to lead them in the right direction, brides, nearly always, come out with a dress purchased.

'Say Yes to the Dress' shows brides of all kinds

Brides of all shapes, sizes and colors feature in the reality series. The versatility of the show adds to the interest value for viewers.

It also allows the viewers to see people with their body types fitted. From hourglass, straight, apple and pear, all of these body shapes are shown in breath-taking wedding dresses. Not only is this reassuring to women of different sizes, but there is also something kind of magical about seeing a bride in her wedding gown. Sometimes, however, an episode or two will be watched purely for the drama.

Every now and again, the show will feature a particularly tricky bride to be. This is the bride who knows exactly what she wants and, if she doesn't get it, then all hell breaks loose. This individual is usually accompanied by the mother, who shares the same demands as her beautiful daughter. Moreover, these sentiments are more often than not, over the top with a dramatic flair, which keeps viewers glued to the screen.

What fans of 'Say Yes to the Dress' don't know about the show

If brides to be want to apply to be on the show, an online application has to be filled in where the hopeful bride will have to answer a series of questions. Some of these questions include: "Most likely, who will be paying for the dress?" and "How did your partner propose to you?".

It is no wonder the show has so many interest brides and their cohorts on the show. Brides in the show are usually seen with three or four dresses but in most fittings, they are trying on many more. The show cuts out the unsuccessful or boring bride and dress encounters. Another fact fans may not be aware of is that taping of each bride can take up to 5 hours.

That's a long time to spend in the store but it is necessary for the production of the show.

"Say Yes To The Dress" airs on TLC and TLC+1 where new and old episodes can be watched. The show's long-term success is due to its ability to allow the audience into intimate bridal moments between brides, parents, siblings and friends.