Miley Cyrus has been in one heck of a ride as she transformed from a wholesome Disney star to a wild and liberated celebrity. The young lady who was once considered as one of the idols of the little girls and an ideal leading lady fit for a Nicholas Sparks movie shocked the world as she transformed into a weed-smoking, liberated singer.

Many have noticed that her transformation was triggered when she and Liam Hemsworth broke their engagement. It was reportedly a tumultuous time for Miley Cyrus and smoking marijuana served as one of the many ways for her to cope up with the hurt and the pain that she felt during that low time of her life.

However, it seems like the tables have turned and everything is going well for Miley Cyrus. She and Liam Hemsworth are back in each other's arms and the 24-year old singer is busy working on new music.

Turning over a new leaf

According to reports, Miley Cyrus is determined to change her ways and turn over a new leaf, inspired by a new chapter in her life and a with a new perspective for writing music. That said, the "Wrecking Ball" singer has reportedly decided to stop Smoking Weed or marijuana.

While most of her fans believe that Miley Cyrus decision to stop smoking weed stemmed from her image makeover, it appears that there's a more serious and morbid reason why "The Last Song" actress has decided to quit smoking weed.

During a recent guesting on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show," the "Hannah Montana" star admitted that there were times that she was actually stoned during her previous guesting on the said show. She further elaborated that that was mainly the reason why her outfits during the previous "The Tonight Show" appearances seemed to be outrageous or totally out of this world.

To be well-spoken and eloquent

Miley Cyrus revealed that one of the reasons why she decided to quit smoking cannabis was because she wanted to promote her album while projecting an image if being a well-spoken and eloquent individual. According to the "Crisis In Six Scenes" actress, being eloquent and well-spoken seems to be impossible when she is high on weed.

The former "The Voice" coach also endearingly admitted that this current album that she is working on means a lot to her and she wouldn't want to do anything that would put the album's future at risk. She also continued that her passion for this upcoming album is enough to keep her high and motivated, even without going under the influence of marijuana.