Queen Elizabeth II -- as part of tradition before parliament opens a new session -- delivered her Speech to lay down the UK government's plans and programs. Her latest speech emphasized the series of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester which took place in June. She also mentioned the fire incident in Grenfell Tower that has taken the lives of more than 70 people and has left hundreds of people with a traumatic experience they will always remember.

The Queen's Speech covered a vast array of topics but did not mention Donald Trump's upcoming visit to the United Kingdom.

The omission has raised enormous doubt as to whether the state visit will go as planned, considering that Queen Elizabeth did mention King Felipe's visit in July.

'The visit will go ahead'

Boris Johnson confirmed to CNN that the U.S. president's visit in the UK will push through and that the only reason why it was not mentioned in the Queen's speech was because no final date has been set at the time. The Foreign Secretary firmly said that Trump's UK visit was not canceled, contrary to what several media outlets are claiming.

"There's a difference between the status of the Spanish state visit and the visit of President Trump. That's because we haven't yet agreed on a date with the White House. That was pushed back as a result of the election," Johnson explained.

He added that a presidential visit cannot be included in the Queen's speech until a date has been set and confirmed. His statement was supported by a senior official who provided the same reason for the omission of Trump's state visit to the UK in the latest speech of Queen Elizabeth II.

CNN reported that in the wake of the London Bridge terrorist attack, " London Mayor Sadiq Khan called on the British government to cancel Trump's visit." However, this is not the reason why Trump has delayed his visit.

Trump to delay UK visit

The American leader reportedly asked to postpone his state visit to the UK until the large-scale public protests die down. The Guardian cited that the U.S. president made the request during a phone conversation with Theresa May earlier this month, which could also be the reason why the administration has been quiet about the visit.

This is not the first time Trump it has been reported to have delayed his state visit to Britain. In March, Trump postponed the agenda until October from the initial plan of June. According to the Telegraph, the U.S. president has informed the British Prime Minister of his concern about the visit and told her that he would like to do it sometime in October to avoid controversy.