Trevor Noah opened up in an interview with The Breakfast Club Rumor Report this week to talk about the day his mother was shot in the head. People tend to forget that those who make us laugh have dark places in their lives, just like the rest of us.

While Trevor Noah the comedian has people in stitches over his take on Trumps "Covfefe" tweet, inside there must surely be a place that haunts the humorist we have grown to love. In his interview, the day his mom was shot was discussed.

Trevor Noah deals with his mother being shot

Noah received a phone call from his brother, who told him his mother was in the hospital because she had gotten shot through the back of her head.

Trevor's mother was very lucky to survive. To make things worse, the shooter was Trevor Noah's stepfather. What's more, he was also out to shoot Trevor himself.

The 2009 incident was one of the reasons Trevor left his home in South Africa to try his luck in Los Angeles. So how does a comedian deal with the trauma of his mother being a victim of violent domestic crime? Well, it appears with more diplomacy than your average person, and that he credits to his mother.

Noah related how initially, "all I felt was rage," but his mother said to him, "don't hate him for doing this." She told him to "rather pity him." Her feeling was that her would-be murderer "was a victim in his own way as the world had "thrust upon him an ideal of masculinity that he had subscribed to."

The Noah family found strength after the shooting

Admittedly Trevor did not understand that.

He questioned how his mother could say that somehow his step-father was a victim. Trevor said that she admitted "what he had done was wrong," but "who am I to judge. He will meet his maker." Hatred, after all, is something dark and difficult that the hater has to carry.

Trevor admits it took a while for him to understand his mother's viewpoint, but in time he came to realize that the person who tries to harm you should be held accountable, but by letting the hatred go, you are "letting yourself go from that feeling that holds you or ties you to that idea or that person."

Noah feels that his family and "the way" they "became stronger" influenced the way that he chose to live his life and the experience is something that continues to influence the way he perceives his reality.

Listen to the Trevor Noah interview below

There is always something laugh at with Trevor Noah

Six years after that shooting, Trevor Noah became the host of The Daily Show. Noah would succeed Jon Stewart as host of the show on Comedy Central. Across the world, people laugh with Trevor, and right now, we are in stitches over the "Covfefe" take by Trevor.

Watch it below and laugh, then remember that there truly is always a lighter side to life. Who knows that better than Trevor Noah the comedian son of a survivor of violent crime?