After a 12-year-old girl escaped the home of the suspect, she alerted a neighbor of the situation inside the home. The neighbor, who is identified as Cash Freeman, entered the home with a handgun where he witnessed Leland Foster attempting to drown his 3-month-old twins in a bathtub. Foster, 27, was holding the twins under water as he threatened their mother with a knife. Freeman retaliated by shooting Foster twice in the back, killing him.

The two infants

The infants were born prematurely. Following the incident, they were taken to a hospital and were released on Saturday.

They are "doing great" after being released as reported by Lisa Bratcher, a spokeswoman for Ada police.

The 3-month-old twins - a boy and a girl - are loved by numerous people who are devastated about the situation and describe it as "awful." “I've held the Babies, and I've played with them, and I just gave them clothes,” says Summer Pierce, another neighbor of Foster. “I think he did the right thing, because who knows what would happen? Who knows what would have happened to the babies if he hadn't intervened? They might not have made it," Pierce tells NBC affiliate KFOR of oklahoma City.

Who is Cash Freeman?

Cash Freeman, who is now being referred to as a "hero," lives in Ada, Oklahoma where the situation occurred.

Police are investigating and reviewing Freeman's case, and are deciding whether or not he should face charges for killing his neighbor, Foster.

Freeman became involved in the situation after being notified by the 12-year-old girl, who remains unclear on how she is related the suspect or his family. He broke into the house with his revolver, where he took matters into his own hands and put a stop to what could have been a double homicide.

Freeman has a wife and children and is being praised all over social media. According to, one woman tweeted "Read about, Cash Freeman, who saved those babies! American Hero! Please honor him! God bless." Another tweet read “#CASHFREEMAN, American Hero. Those children will know one day that you saved their lives, sadly because of their father was drowning them."

Although he's concerned that he may face legal trouble, Freeman told KFOR that “he did what he had to do to save the babies." Police questioned Freeman but released him. The local District Attorney will make the final decision about whether Freeman will face any legal responsibility.