The trailer for Netflix original movie "To The Bone" was released yesterday. The movie deals with the issues surrounding anorexia and stars Lily Collins and Keanu Reeves. The film was both directed and written by Marti Noxon and was originally screened at the Sundance Festival where it was discovered by Netflix.

'To The Bone' reveals the stark reality of living with an eating disorder

Lily Collins plays 20-year-old Ellen, an artist who is suffering from severe anorexia. She has been admitted to several facilities throughout her youth to try to put a stop to her anorexia.

However, each time she emerges she is worse off than before. In a bid to save her life, her family enters her into a non-traditional group home hoping to tackle the disorder ruling her life.

In the group home, she finds inspiration to live and connects with the other people she encounters there. Here, character Ellen is treated by an eccentric doctor, played by Keanu Reeves. He tells her several times in the trailer that unless she fights her disease she is going to die. Ellen's struggles are played out on screen in both a physically and emotionally intense manner. Norton truly succeeds in showing the reality of anorexia through both script and casting.

The movie forces Lily Collins and Marti Noxton to address their past struggles with eating disorders

The making of this movie was highly personal for these two women as they saw their pasts played out in the script. Both actor Collins and director Noxon have battled eating disorders in the past. Collins made a statement revealing that at first, it was a scary process as she faced what she spent years trying to tackle.

However, the actress felt a duty to show others suffering from similar illnesses the reality of what they are living with in the hopes that they will seek help after watching the movie.

Collins lost a significant amount of weight under strict medical supervision for this role. The actor admits that she was scared at the prospect of falling back into her eating disorder but she was certain this was something she needed to address.

She felt safe under the supervision of her team to be able to tackle the issues of eating disorders.

"To The Bone" is due to be released on July 14. It will be readily available on Netflix for viewers to indulge into the emotional story of Ellen and her fight against her disease. This movie is sure to be emotionally charged and as it is based on real life experiences is sure to leave a lasting impression with the audience about the realities of dealing with such conditions.