Universal Pictures is one of the studios which is trying to get in on the cinematic craze, following Marvel and Disney. It is set to release “The Mummy,” which is being considered Universal’s most famous film.

The studio has announced that it will develop more monster films, but the decision depends on the box office report of “The Mummy.” Hopefully, this movie will break the records of “The Mummy Returns” which grossed over $670 million at the global box office.

When will the film release?

Set to release on June 9, 2017, “The Mummy” features Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

The studio behind this movie is trying its best to come up the expectations of the fans. Universal Pictures will start the development of its “Dark Universe,” but the final decision depends on how well “The Mummy” performs.

The studio announced additions to its film series yesterday with eight movies currently in development, including “Frankenstein,” “Invisible Man,” “Dracula,” “Bride of Frankenstein,” “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” “Hunchback of Notre Dame,” and “Phantom of the Opera.”

No doubt, “The Mummy” is a major film being released by Universal and its overall ratings will decide the fate of the studio. Even if the monster movie flops – with projections of a $40 million in its opening weekend, Universal will continue developing its other films.

In that case, it may skip the idea of developing another monster film with Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

Sofia Boutella joins HBO’s new series

Sofia Boutella is in the headlines these days; though “The Mummy” has not yet released, Boutella has started receiving new movie offers from Hollywood. She will reportedly play a leading role in HBO’s adaptation of “Fahrenheit 451.” The story of this show is based on a classic novel of the same name by Ray Bradbury.

The actress was confirmed for a character yesterday and is set to play significant roles in some big budget Hollywood films. Sofia rose to prominence with her incredible performance as Gazelle in “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

The actress portrayed Jaylah in “Star Trek Beyond,” and will be seen in a couple of television series this year.

So, we can say that “The Mummy” is not the only big project Sofia Boutella has in her hands. She has signed contracts with HBO, CBS, and other networks. Also, the actress will be seen in the “Dark Universe” film series.

To this, Universal has refused to comment, claiming that it’s too early to confirm whether Boutella will play a role in “Dark Universe” or not. “The Mummy” features Marwan Kenzari, Javier Botet, Dylan Smith, Selva Rasalingam, Russell Crowe, Chasty Ballesteros, and Rez Kempton in supporting characters.