Reality television star Amber Portwood is bragging up a lot of changes; weight loss, addiction recovery, a plastic surgery makeover, upcoming marriage and a new career in porn. But some may be more fantasy than reality for the "Teen Mom OG" celebrity. Matt Baier cheated, or at least hit on, other "Teen Mom" stars and lied about sexual activity. Despite Amber's cheery Instagram posts on lost weight, the teen mom looks heavier and older even after a boob job, tummy tuck and Botox.

What's real with reality TV star Amber Portwood?

The teen mom seems determined to clean up her act (or at least make people believe she has).

After substance abuse problems, stints in a mental health clinic, rehab, and prison, Amber promises sobriety. But has she traded one addiction for another? Are toxic relationships her new drug of choice? At the "Teen Mom OG" reunion, Portwood punched Farrah Abraham when Abraham's boyfriend called Matt Baier a pedophile.

Amber Portwood back with a vengeance

Amber declared herself done with MTV and boasted a successful online business. Her agents must not have gotten the memo because Portwood is back on "Teen Mom OG" like last season's fracas never happened. The 27-year-old was full of plans for a wedding and a porn video with Matt Baier. The couple supposedly patched up old problems on "Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars." Reality hit the reality television star again after the boyfriend was caught on a polygraph test lying about sexually stalking other women.

Amber Portwood too old for fiance Matt Baier's tastes?

Amber Portwood turned on Matt Baier as she had Farrah Abraham. But this time the F-bomb rants and physical assaults were directed against, not in defense of him. The 45-year-old "Teen Mom OG" star Baier reportedly wanted Abraham and other "16 and Pregnant" stars but settled for Amber.

With his predilection for younger women, perhaps Matt has been turned off by his fiance since her aged progressed plastic surgery?

What's weight loss and what's weight loss surgery?

So Amber Portwood didn't have bariatric surgery or gastric bypass, but she did get a tummy tuck which cuts away belly fat and probably some liposuction.

She also had a breast implant procedure to make her stomach look smaller next to the boob job. The "Teen Mom OG" celebrity says she's shed obesity and is almost to goal weight. But Amber's face still appears chubby. It could be Botox, she may have regained weight, or like other proclaimed changes, the weight loss never happened. One thing the plastic surgery did was age her. Fans have say Amber looks about 40 after her mommy makeover.