The excitement just racked up a little for Stephen King fans with the announcement that the new J.J. Abrams and Hulu TV series “Castle Rock” will start filming this August.

The series, inspired by various King stories and the fictional town referenced in many of his novels, will start filming in Devens, Massachusetts at New England Studios. Filming of "Castle Rock" is expected to continue through January next year. The Lowell Sun reports that the film crew will also be heading to the small town of Orange. While filming isn’t set to start until August, production crews have reportedly already started building sets for the show.

Massachusetts is excited over the new ‘Castle Rock’ project

The director of the Massachusetts Production Coalition, David Hartmann, is thrilled that the state has landed such an exciting and prestigious project. He said being the location for the Hulu original series "Castle Rock" is a major win for Massachusetts and shows just how far the film industry has gone in the state.

According to Hartmann, there have been no TV series filmed in Massachusetts for more than 25 years, but plenty of movies have been set in the state, including “Black Mass,” “The Town,” “American Hustle” and “Manchester By The Sea,” among others.

Hartmann added that they now have the correct infrastructure, talent base, and crew, making it possible to land such a great TV project.

‘Castle Rock’ and familiar themes and characters

This latest psychological Hulu horror TV series is firmly set in the fictional town of Castle Rock and will be an amalgam of various of King’s best-loved novels, including some very familiar stories and characters are known well by the author’s Constant Readers.

It will combine many of the worlds and themes embodied in the books into a mishmash of horror and thrilling tales, as can be seen from the teaser trailer.

The town of Castle Rock itself was first mentioned in the 1979 book “The Dead Zone.” The town also featured in “The Dark Half,” “Cujo” and “Needful Things.” King also made references to the town in various other novels, including “Sleepwalkers,” “The Stand,” “It” and “Gerald’s Game.” Castle Rock has been featured more recently in both the 2013 book “Doctor Sleep” and the novel “Revival,” published in 2014.

The town has also popped up in several short stories by the popular horror author.

As noted by Bloody Disgusting, not too much is known as yet as to the cast of “Castle Rock” but so far we know that Andre Holland of “Moonlight” fame will be starring in the show as a death row attorney, Henry, who has a complicated and unusual history in the fictional town. The series will have a ten episode run on Hulu.