Millions of fans around the globe are now excited for the upcoming premiere of the “Sherlock” season 5. However, while benedict cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (John Watson) are still going to reprise their roles, Hall of Fame claimed that the new installment will be delayed again.

Fifth installment still happening despite lead stars’ busy schedule

The publication stated that the creators of the popular BBC series are currently doing another project, which delayed the much-anticipated “Sherlock” season 5 again. While there have been claims saying that the TV show has been canceled, actor Andrew Scott has divulged that the fifth season is coming soon.

Speaking to Radio Times, Scott had said that everyone is currently busy working on other things, so, they cannot do another installment in two or more years. The 40-year-old actor, however, made it clear that he wants the fifth season to be fresh as much as possible.

The claims of Scott backed up the statements of Mark Gatiss in a previous interview with the same publication. “We left it in a place where we thought we could leave it, and equally a place where we could come back to it,” the co-creator of the upcoming “Sherlock” season 5 divulged when asked about the future of the series.

It was in 2014 when Gatiss and Steven Moffat officially announced that a fifth season of the BBC series is happening.

However, the co-creators had revealed that they cannot coordinate with the hectic schedule of Cumberbatch and Freeman has made it harder for them to finalize things.

Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat delay fifth season again for ‘Dracula’?

Gatiss and Moffat, for their part, are also working together on a new TV series called “Dracula.” Variety reported that the “Sherlock” season 5 creators are going to collaborate in the production of the script.

For starters, “Dracula” centers on the story of a superficial creature who traveled from Transylvania to England to look for new blood. Gatiss and Moffat are said to implement the same former applied in “Sherlock.”

Most fans can recall how long it took them to wait for the series’ season 4. In fact, a Christmas special was featured on BBC before the fourth season was officially aired.

Now, it seems like history would be repeating itself as fans have to prolong their patience and keep their fingers crossed until Cumberbatch and Freeman reunite for the “Sherlock” Season 5. Stay tuned for more updates!