"Shadowhunters" the TV series is an adaptation from author Cassandra Clare's series "The Mortal Instruments." The book series was adapted by Ed Decter and was picked up by ABC in 2015. The series consists of two seasons, with the second season currently airing.

Plot of TV adaptation does not relate to 'The Mortal Instruments' book series in the slightest

There are many important scenes and plot points in "The Mortal Instruments" that have been left out in the Tv Adaptation. This has caused an uproar from fans of "The Mortal Instruments," as the beloved book series has been altered beyond recognition.

For example, many issues were simply glossed over when it came to "Shadowhunters," such as character Alec's acceptance of his sexuality and Clary finding her place in the Institute. These issues created a strong connection between fans and the series, as they found they could relate to the struggles of the characters. Without this, "Shadowhunters" does not have the same pull as the original book series. The TV series has spawned inaccurate deaths and character arcs, which have caused outrage among book lovers. There were high hopes for the TV adaptation, which has left many fans with an unfortunate feeling of disappointment.

'Shadowhunters' casting choices bring characters to life

One thing that the creators of "Shadowhunters" have nailed is the casting of beloved characters.

The details of the characters were considered at length and have resulted in fans' favored characters coming to life on screen. Actress Katherine McNamara is a perfect representation of Clary Fray, while actors Dominic Sherwood and Matthew Daddario portray parabatai Jace and Alec flawlessly. It is as though they stepped right out from the pages of "The Mortal Instruments," with Alec's signature blue eyes and Jace's sarcastic wit.

It is rare that a TV adaptation succeeds in casting all characters to represent their book counterparts, however, "Shadowhunters" takes a good shot at it -- and for the most part has done a good job of it.

"Shadowhunters" continues with season two with new episodes being released weekly. The second season sees the introduction of famed character Sebastian Morgenstern -- who is sure to stir things up for protagonist Clary Fray.

The second season has seen a vast improvement in terms of production, and one can only hope that it continues to progress in such a manner.

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