Scarlett Johansson officially got wasted with her doppelgänger, Grandma Geraldine, at the premiere of "Rough Night. She told the story on Friday on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Blasting News reported in April on the story of 25-year-old Denver Dodd of Fort Smith, Arkansas. He had been going through some old photos when he found a photo of his grandmother, taken while she was drunk back in 1967. In the picture, she looked almost exactly like Johansson. After the image went viral on Reddit, Scarlett sent a video message directly to Geraldine, the doppelgänger in question, inviting her to get trashed with her at the premiere of her then upcoming comedy film “Rough Night.” Well, it finally happened.

Stephen Colbert interviews Scarlett Johansson on ‘Late Show’

Johansson appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Friday, where they talked about her new comedy hit, “Rough Night.” They also discussed how she was Colbert’s second guest after starting his new comedy talk show and how nervous he had been at the time. He says he’s much better at the job now.

Colbert couldn’t resist asking the Hollywood actress about her night out with her doppelganger. Geraldine did, indeed, agree to meet up with Scarlett at the premiere of the film and they had plenty of fun together after the event. Referring to the lady in question as “Grandma Geraldine,” Johansson said she doesn’t have any social media presence, but after the image of Dodd’s grandma went viral on Reddit, she was pointed to that post and was totally amazed at the likeness.

The photo was taken when Geraldine was 22 and she looked exactly like Scarlett. Johansson said the photo looked just like her from the film “Lucy” and that Geraldine was totally wasted in the picture.

Grandma Geraldine attends the premiere of ‘Rough Night’

Scarlett explained how she contacted Geraldine telling her they should totally get wasted together at the premiere of “Rough Night.” Grandma Geraldine did, indeed, attend the premiere on Thursday night and they did get “kind of trashed.” Johansson went on to say Geraldine was very nice and they had so much fun together.

She told Colbert that Geraldine could really party. Apparently Geraldine’s granddaughter owns a bar in Arkansas and Scarlett says she will one day make her way to Arkansas to continue the party.

‘Rough Night’ and a stripper murder

Speaking of “Rough Night” Scarlett said the film was a lot of fun to make, with a great cast who gelled almost immediately.

She said they laughed, cry-laughed and even cried throughout shooting the film. As the cast was almost all-woman and the director was also of the female persuasion, Colbert compared it to "Wonder Woman" getting all coked up and killing a stripper. The movie has been released in theaters and tells the story of a group of girlfriends who hire a male stripper for one of their group’s bachelorette party and things go completely wrong.

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