Not all Republicans are fans of U.S. President Donald Trump or voted for the real estate billionaire. One Republican even described the White House occupant as “nuts.” The NY Daily News reported that J. Brien Comey explained how he did not vote for the Republican candidate because Trump was already crazy before he became president.

“Now he’s really crazy,” the father of fired FBI Director James Comey said. He said those strong words in response to Trump calling his son a “nut job.” The elder Comey is a former councilman of Allendale. He admitted that he voted down the Republican line in the last national election, but not for Hillary Clinton’s rival, because he could not bear the thought of voting for a madman, The Bergen Record reported.

Not related to Russian connection investigation

Trump insisted that he did not fire the FBI director because James Comey was investigating Michael Flynn, the former National Security Adviser who allegedly served as the billionaire’s front man in contacting Russian officials during the 2016 campaign period. However, in a closed-door meeting last week with two Russian officials, the president boasted to them he was relieved when the pressure was removed from him about the Russian probe after he booted out the FBI head.

J. Brien Comey, it turns out, found about his son’s firing only from media reports. This is because part of their father-and-son relationship is that they have an unwritten secret agreement for the ex-councilman not to ask his son about his job.

He only learns what James does from newspaper reports.

Open Senate testimony

Because of that agreement, he would only read about the open testimony of James before the Senate Intelligence Committee after Memorial Day in media reports. On Friday, Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of the committee, and Sen. Mark Warner, a ranking Democrat, said that the former FBI director agreed to testify in an open hearing.

However, there is no date yet for the hearing, the New York Post reported.

The committee wants to hear from James Comey on his role in how intelligence agencies developed their assessment of the Russian interference in their 2016 election. Burr said he hopes the testimony of the fired director will provide answers to questions that cropped up after his sudden dismissal from service.

Comey, before he was fired by Trump, was accused of helping the president win over Clinton because of his memo in late October that the FBI would reopen its investigation of the Democratic presidential candidate. It is a turnaround from his July announcement that Comey would not recommend charges for Clinton for her use of a private email server when she was the secretary of state, which the Republicans criticized then.