Just recently, photos of singer Rihanna making out with a Mystery Man in a hot tub or pool surfaced online. The latest images showing off RiRi lip locked with an unknown guy had her fans in a frenzy trying to figure out exactly who this guy was. Now details have surfaced about the singer's makeout partner, with websites giving more information about Rihanna and Hassan Jameel, the rich businessman she was seen spending some quality time with.

Who is Hassan Jameel?

A report from Heavy notes that Hassan Jameel is part of one of the 12 richest Arabian families in the world.

His family gained exclusive rights to sell Toyota in Saudia Arabia as of 1995. Hassan is the deputy president and vice chairman of the family business named Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic.

It was noted that the family has had massive success with the Toyota brand, with reports they sold over 14 million cars since 1966. The family is said to have a net worth of $1.5 billion, putting Rihanna in the company of one rich man.

While it was initially believed that Rihanna's mystery man was Spanish, Twitter users started to investigate. Since the pics were taken in Spain that made sense that it threw off people as to who exactly the guy was. After a while, users on the social media platform came to the realization that the man's identity was, in fact, Hassan Jameel, the rich Saudi Arabian Toyota heir.

Rihanna skips BET Awards

Rihanna was a "no show" at this past Sunday's BET Awards and for good reason. She was in the company of a special billionaire enjoying the pool and liplock. It's unknown how fresh this pairing is, or if they've known one another for a while now.

Rihanna was only up for the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist award at this weekend's BET show.

She was bested in the category by none other than Beyonce who claimed multiple awards on the night.

Rihanna currently appears on the smash hit "Wild Thoughts" from DJ Khaled's new "Grateful" album which also features hip-hop star, Bryson Tiller.

While Hassan Jameel was recently seen making out with Rihanna, he's previously been linked to a supermodel.

Last July he was seen at various public events with Naomi Campbell. Ironically, it's been rumored that Rihanna and Campbell aren't really as good as friends as they were before. Could this new mystery man have been part of why the relationship changed? Stay tuned.

Was Hassan just a fun fling or will he last beyond this make out session with Rihanna?