The way to receive the coins as bonus rewards in "Pokémon GO" has changed with the arrival of the last Update in the game of augmented reality. According to new data recently revealed by Niantic developers, the way of parking Pokémon in the new Gyms has been completely modified. The current rewards system in gyms is very different when compared to the one the players were accustomed to use. An interesting fact to take into account is the time that a Pokémon must stay in a gym before receiving any bonus. The bonuses that "Pokémon GO" players used to receive every 21 hours will no longer be based on the number of gyms that they are holding at this moment.

According to the latest reports published by Niantic, the new bonuses will be based on the duration of any Pokémon that is parked in a gym. The value of coins received in gyms will also depend on the Pokémon who is defending the place.

How often are coin bonuses given out?

The frequency in which the coin bonuses will be acquired has also been changed. Players of "Pokémon GO" will receive a coin as a reward for each hour that their Pokémon remain defending the gyms. If the Pokémon that is defending the gym stays for less than an hour in the same place, the players will not receive any coin at all. An interesting fact to note is that the coins will not be given in gyms when they are defeated. With the new update, the players will receive rewards coins, after retiring from the gyms with their Pokémon.

In addition, if a player stays for an hour or more defending a gym with his Pokémon and does not receive any notification of his reward, it will be necessary to restart the game. There are certain reports of players who have opted for this option and after restarting the game, and they have received a notification stating that they have won a new reward coin.

Why has Niantic limited the stay in the new gyms?

It is very likely that Niantic has limited the length of time in gyms so that players cannot easily accumulate coins. This new measure could encourage them to watch their Pokémon in gyms, and not leave them alone for hours as usual. This, at the same time, will encourage Pokémon gamers to continue playing and defending the gyms because the coin bonuses for each defeated gym are higher.

It is worth mentioning that the new live gyms have been activated by Niantic.

This is all the information available so far of the revised Pokémon Go. Stay tuned for more updates.

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