One Love Manchester lived up to its name in full on Sunday. Unlike many well-intentioned “global” music celebrations that have titles beyond their reach, One Love Manchester did indeed teach a strong and simple lesson. From the first note of the late afternoon until the darkness lit by cell phone lights, every artist and every song emphasized the same theme -- don't give in to fear, don’t forsake youth, and know that love and music hold tremendous power for healing. As joyful as the exuberant throng of 50,000 was for the sold-out benefit, their emotion was exceeded by the thrills of so many artists taking the stage, and sharing the moments with each other, and the world.

Better together

Two weeks ago, it was a normally scheduled tour stop that brought Ariana Grande to Manchester, and the horrific events that followed a “dream” performance for many fans caused the pop princess to be in “hysterics.” It is not tragedy that defines a person, but how he or she responds to tragedy, and Ariana Grande not only defied fear and evil in her return to Manchester, but also embodied compassion and caring in the human touch during her preshow hospital visits with victims and families. It became evident to the entire world that Ariana Grande had learned something about herself through this ordeal of heartache and loss. She, like her audience, found the courage to sing on, and her performances inflected that deeper spirit throughout the evening.

It didn't take long for moving moments to possess the worldwide audience, watching in the US on Free-Form or ABC, and simultaneously broadcast by the BBC. A precious soloist from the Parrs Wood High School choir joined Grande and her classmates with “My Everything.” Miley Cyrus was able to give the “big hug” that she had been saving for her friend, and she and Grande sang “Don't Dream It's Over.”

Every performer, song, and partnership had a higher purpose during this occasion, including Marcus Mumford offering the seldom performed “Timshel” after opening the event with a minute of silence.

The reminder of “you are not alone in this” was echoed through that song and every one that followed. Pharrell Williams bowed to the waiting fans, saying that he could not feel “even a hint of fear” but instead, of course, a happy feeling, before launching into his hit with a gleeful, twirling Miley Cyrus. The coaches of “The Voice” were even accompanied by Mumford, particularly on Pharrell’s “Get Lucky.” Only events like this spark these unique impromptu moments.

Miley had her own moment, singing “Inspired” from her upcoming album.

Chris Martin and Coldplay delivered Oasis’ “Don't Look Back in Anger," and Liam Gallagher of Oasis came to the stage later with “Live Forever,” backed by Coldplay, and harmony reigned -- at least until Liam’s rant against his brother in the morning papers.

More than pounds and dollars

Katy Perry and Justin Bieber spoke on spiritual terms, each in their own way, and led choruses of love, reminding the audience to “choose love even when it's difficult.” The love was returned in full force to Ariana Grande with her heartfelt closer of “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” Her signature runs were still there, but were paused by the host’s tears in several places.

Her fans let the song and the spirit flow, and joyful tears fell for many as the night ended in what felt like a giant embrace.

One Love Manchester raised $3 million for the Manchester Emergency Fund, but more importantly, tragic memories can be complemented by ones of love and unity now. No one there will forget what happened, nor will they forget the overwhelming love and courage that filled this night in Manchester.