Tess Holliday assured all is well between her and Chloe Grace Moretz after she tagged the actress in one of her posts, questioning the controversial poster of "Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs." The plus-size model questioned why the marketing team approved the campaign material which she said seemingly suggested that fat people are ugly.

The said poster featured two women of different sizes -- one tall and sexy, while the other one heavier and shorter. The material also showed the message, "What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the 7 dwarfs not so short?" The movie poster, as expected, drew flak from the public who thought it was an obvious example of body shaming.

'I wasn't attacking her at all'

Holliday explained she was not attacking Moretz when she mentioned her in her Twitter post. The 31-year-old model thought she had to inform the actress about the body shaming post, considering that the "If I Stay" star is an advocate of feminism.

The model said she was just "a little shocked" that Moretz, who is an advocate of feminism, will allow something like this to happen. Holliday felt like the actress had no knowledge of the controversial movie poster and decided to call her attention on social media.

She, however, added that she is glad that the people behind "Red Shoes & 7 Dwarfs" heed their call and promised to take care of the issue. In an interview, Holliday sternly said it is not right to make plus-size people feel that they are not accepted because of their figure.

She also pointed out that the animated film will give the wrong idea to its young viewers because of the body shaming poster. The female personality added the movie ad is "obviously really damaging" to plus-size people.

'I am so sorry for the offense.'

Moretz, on the other hand, said she was "appalled and angered" when she saw the body shaming poster.

The actress revealed the marketing material was not approved by the producers who are also unknowledgeable about it. The 20-year-old celebrity stated she took part in the movie because of its beautiful story and added that she is hopeful that people will still support "Red Shoes & 7 Dwarfs" despite the controversy.

The actress assured the "story is powerful for young women and resonated with [her]." Moretz ended her statement with an apology to those who were offended by the controversy. The "Brain on Fire" star is the voice behind Snow White's character for the animated film.