Actress Chloe Grace Moretz indirectly came under fire recently for her connection to the “Snow White” parody slated to be released next year. Chloe indirectly came under fire because she is the voice actress for Snow White in the upcoming film titled “Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs.”

Body-shaming marketing

It was plus-size model Tess Holliday that really shined a spotlight on the fact that the material being used to promote “Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs” was offensive to full-figured women everywhere. As a body image activist, Holliday wasn’t shy about slamming everyone involved.

She took to Twitter and tagged Chloe Grace Moretz while asking how the body-shaming promotional image managed to make it past an advertising team.

The promotional image

For those who haven’t had a chance to see the promotional image, it features a chubby re-imaged Snow White with a tagline asking how things would be if Snow White were “not beautiful.” Holliday – and many others – quickly took the promotional image to mean being overweight meant you were also unattractive. Tess simply wanted to know why the marketing team behind the promotional image thought this message was acceptable for what was supposed to be a family-friendly cartoon.

Feeling the heat, Chloe took to Twitter several times to apologize to her followers for the promotional poster.

She claims that she had no idea such a message was being sent to promote the film. She noted that neither she – nor anyone on her team – had approved the body-shaming promotion. Moretz proceeded to talk about how “beautiful” she thought the movie and the script were. She sincerely hoped people would still give the movie a chance despite the horrible way it was being promoted.

Moretz wasn’t the only one who apologized. The producer of the film also released a statement apologizing for the body-shaming promotional image. According to the producer, the message regarding body-shaming and the way the promotional poster had been interpreted many was not the way it was intended.

The producer claimed to appreciate the criticism they had received.

Following the backlash, all advertisement using the body-shaming taglines and images has been discontinued. The producer, like Chloe, hopes everyone will still give the film a chance as body-shaming those who are short and full-figured was never the intention.

The biggest problem some are having who have already decided not to see the film is the fact that it is still a movie about a girl who wears magic shoes that transform her from being short and round to being tall and skinny. Any way you promote that storyline, it is still going to be body-shaming those who are overweight and short.