Hey, "General Hospital" fans. There's going to be something that totally throws Ava into a whirlwind of devastation in the new June 19 to June 23,2017, installments. Sonny is going to get a visit from Griffin at some point and Nelle will get rescued by Nina. However, Nelle's luck is going to take a turn. There is going to be some very promising news for Sam and so much more. ABC offered up these new teaser scoops via Soaps.com

A decision gets made

To get this spoiler session started, we're going to delve into these Monday June 19 episode details. It turns out that we're going to see a decision finally get made by Ned and Olivia.

They didn't say what decision they're going to make so, that will be a question we'll want to see get answered in this episode.

Visit from Griffin

Next, Sonny is going to get that visit from Griffin that we mentioned earlier in this article. The big question here is what will Griffin be visiting him about? It sounds like this could pan out to be a very interesting situation. Lastly, they say that there's going to be a scene that features Ava getting extremely devastated after seeing something. The obvious question for this scenario is what does she see that will make her so upset? One thing that we can be sure of is that this storyline will certainly give us some very dramatic scenes to look forward to.

In the Tuesday June 20 episode, we're going to see Nina come to Nelle's rescue at some point.

What does she get rescued from? That's the big question for that situation. Next, they say that Jossyln is going to start rebelling. So, that sounds like it could give us some intense scenes. Lastly, they reveal that Julian is going to get an offer. Again, they were very vague here as they didn't even come close to mentioning what this offer will be.

We're going to have to wait for this one to air to find out what this mystery offer is.

Promising news

ABC revealed three more scoops for the Wednesday, June 21 episode. In it, we're going to see Sam get some very promising news. What will this news entail? Elsewhere, Nelle's current streak of luck is going to take a turn. They didn't mention if it takes a turn for the worst or a positive turn.

So, that will be the question for this situation. Lastly, they say that Nathan is going to draw the line. Some extra intel from soapcentral.com reveals that this will involve Nathan serving up some sort of an ultimatum. So, that'll certainly be quite intriguing.

The Thursday June 22 episode is going to feature some people playing a friendly game. Unfortunately, this game is going to take a very bad turn as they say it's going to lead to painful memories resurfacing! Elsewhere, we'll be seeing Laura in action. She's going to be really busy attempting to clear up some confusion. Lastly, they said that TJ's big secret is going to finally get exposed.

Awesome timing

To bring the week to a close, the Friday June 23 episode is going to feature Jason exercising some pretty awesome timing in a certain situation.

TJ is going to try to do some damage control. Josslyn is going to get herself into a situation that she is clearly not qualified to handle. Stay tuned.

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