Netflix cancels the freshman comedy show “Girlboss.” Sophia Amoruso, who was an inspiration for the series, shared the news in a series of Twitter photos on Sunday, June 25, 2017. “I am sad because Netflix series about my life gets canceled,” she writes on social media. Sophia was reportedly happy with her work in “Girlboss,” but the show failed to resonate with critics upon its debut, so Netflix decided to cancel it.

Scripted by “Pitch Perfect” writer Kay Cannon and co-directed by Christian Ditter, “Girlboss” was based on Amoruso’s book of the same name.

It explores the life of Amoruso, who started selling shoes and clothes on Amazon and eBay. By the age of 28, Amoruso built the multi-million dollar fashion house, Nasty Gal.

The reason for its cancellation

The cast includes Ellie Reed, Britt Robertson, Alphonso McAuley, Johnny Simmons, Dean Norris, Norm Macdonald, RuPaul Charles, Jim Rash, Louise Fletcher, Melanie Lynskey, and Macedo. According to The Verge, chief content officer Ted Sarandos has opened up about why the network decided to cancel “Girlboss.”

He says that ratings and performance are playing the biggest role. Despite the fact that some fans started to petition Netflix to get a renewal contract for “Girlboss” season 2, the streaming website had decided not to renew it.

The show strangely renders its goals that it appears to be stuck in its own striving, making for an oddly perfunctory journey.

More Netflix shows get canceled

Aside from “Girlboss,” Netflix announces its plans to cancel more shows as part of a drive for bolder content. Founder Reed Hastings confirms that “The Get Down,” “Marco Polo,” “Bloodline,” and “Sense8” will not return for another season.

The company is investing in the development quality programs, which means there are possibilities that more series will be canceled by the end of this month.

According to Reed Hastings, the decision to ax some shows has come down to “a mix” of factors. The company does not tell anything about how many eyeballs its canceled series garnered.

However, all of them have one thing in common: they’re hour-long shows featuring multiple locations.

Despite the fact that “Bloodline” had four Emmy nominations and two wins under its belt, the streaming website decided to cancel the show as it was infamous among critics.

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