Hey, Dragon Ball Super” fans! The Tournament of Power is finally happening very soon and the hype is on as everyone awaits for the ultimate Battle Royal. Although team Universe 7 is not the strongest in the upcoming tournament, it’s clear that everyone’s rooting for them. Everyone hopes for their victory, but with the recent turn of events that have transpired, Goku’s team and his home are at stake. The episode titles have recently been released and it appears that the tournament of power is finally coming closer.

Survive! The curtain finally opens on the 'Tournament of Power'!!

It seems that the Tournament of Power finally begins in Dragon Ball Super episode 97, which is expected to air on July 2. That’s like 2 more weeks to go, folks! The previous episode has finally showcased the former emperor of Universe 7, Frieza when he was resurrected from Hell, thanks to Goku. However, Universe 9’s God Of Destruction, Sidra, turned out to have a grudge towards Goku and his team and sent tons of assassins to annihilate Frieza. Apparently, the badass Frieza is still in his best and powerful strength as he killed the assassins who tried to destroy him.

Universal Survival Arc to deliver seamless Tournament of Power

“Dragon Ball Super” Universal Survival Arc started in February 2017 and the showrunners are obviously taking their best possible time to offer one great martial arts tournament for all 80 warriors. Fans know that there are only eight participating universes in the upcoming tournament as the four other strongest universes are already safe from elimination.

When the current arc kicked off, everyone is aware that there will be one universe that will be wiped out. What’s interesting is that this universe might just be destroyed by the Omni-King even before the battle royal starts.

Goku’s casual relationship with the Omni-King is hated by the other universes, particularly Universe 9.

This is one reason why its God of Destruction tried to stop Frieza from joining Goku’s team to enter the “Dragon Ball Super” Tournament of Power. He even conspired with Universe 4’s God of Destruction, Quitela, in an attempt to destroy Universe 7 ahead of the tournament. However, it appears that it won’t be too long before the Omni-King finds out that Sidra tried to threaten Goku and his team. Therefore, fans who are rooting for Universe 7 are looking forward to Universe 9’s destruction anytime soon.

New rule in the Tournament of Power

Recently, a new rule in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power was also revealed. It is said that whoever falls off the arena will be wiped out automatically. Scary, eh? It certainly is, because this might just spoil the strategies of the eight participating universes. Well, let’s just hope for the best... uhmm.. for Universe 7!