Miranda Lambert recently talked about her current relationship with Anderson East. The "Tin Man" singer also unveiled that she has always wanted to be in a relationship with someone who shares the same passion with her. Fans are now wondering if she did not want the same things with her ex-husband, Blake Shelton.

According to a recent report by The Inquisitr, Blake Shelton's ex-wife Miranda Lambert talked with Cody Alan from the CMT After Midnight show. The "Vice" singer shared that she has always wanted to find a person whom she can share the same interests in life.

Reason behind Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton divorce unveiled

Miranda Lambert thinks a relationship would not work if they do not have the same passion. Speculations are now making the rounds that it was one of the reasons why she divorced Blake Shelton. As per the publication, Shelton and Lambert used to have lots of dogs in their house. However, the "She's Got A Way With Words" singer refused to add more dogs in their home. Fans are now wondering if this is one of the reasons why they broke up.

During Lambert's interview with PEOPLE, back in 2014, the "House That Built Me" singer revealed that she asked Shelton if she can adopt another puppy. Unfortunately, Shelton did not allow her to adopt the puppy from the Pedigree Adoption Suite located in Nashville.

According to Lambert, she tried her best to keep her furry friends away from Shelton. The coach of "The Voice" does not feel so happy to have several dogs around him. She realized that she needs to give Shelton a break from her dogs, as he might go crazy if she does not. This is the reason why she brought one of her puppies to her grandmother's house, while the two puppies live on their farm.

Lambert was left with four dogs to take care of.

Reports also claimed that Shelton has always wanted kids. Even if Lambert treats her dogs as her children, Shelton still wanted to have children of their own. Unfortunately, an insider revealed that Lambert did not want to be tied down as she wanted to be free to go on tours and make music.

Lambert found the right one for her, East

The "Over You" hitmaker revealed that she is very lucky to find the person she has always needed, Anderson East. She unveiled that East and she love the same things and that they even share the same passion for music and dogs. She said seeing East love her rescue dogs made her love him more.

Reports claimed that Miranda Lambert is very happy with Anderson East, while Blake Shelton moved on with Gwen Stefani.