Lady Gaga is teaming up with Starbucks to release a set of summer drinks that will help to raise money for the Born This Way” foundation. The drinks will be brightly colored and include two of the pink drinks that starbucks has become famous for. There will be two additional drinks included in the fundraising efforts. One is a matcha lemonade and the other is a blackberry violet drink. Lady Gaga picked these drinks out herself for the campaign.

Two new specialty drinks

Matcha lemonade is a green tea drink that is mixed with lemonade. The blackberry flavored Starbucks drink is called the “Violet drink” and has additional flavors of hibiscus and is mixed with coconut milk.

All the drinks in this Starbucks special, including the pink drinks, are only 150 calories for the grande size and are made with non-dairy ingredients.

Starbucks is calling it the “Cups of Kindness” collection. It will start on Tuesday, June 13 and run through to Monday, June 19, 2017. Starbucks will donate 25 cents from each drink to the “Born This Way” foundation, which was started by and continues to be run by Lady Gaga.

What is the 'Born This Way' Foundation?

The “Born This Way” Foundation was created to support young people’s wellness and help them find empowerment in building a kinder world.

It is based on academic research and building partnerships. The foundation helps young people to create positive environments both online and in the real world through things like mental health resources and community development.

The “Born This Way” Foundation engages young people in their own communities and online and encourages them to have a voice in building communities that thrive.

Young people have the chance to express their ideas and their needs and the foundation created by Lady Gaga provides them with the services they need to make change happen.

Lady Gaga is quiet busy these days. She had been actively promoting her most recent album, “Joanne” and she’s currently working on her first movie. She will be starring in the reboot of the movie “A Star Is Born” with Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga will play the lead female role and, of course, will do all her own singing. You won’t see the name Lady Gaga in the credits though. She’ll be credit under her real name, Stefani Germanotta. “A Star Is Born” will feature all new, original music and several of the songs were written by Lady Gaga herself.

What do you think of these Starbucks drinks? Will you support the "Born This Way" foundation that is owned by Lady Gaga by buying one of the Starbucks specialty drinks in the coming week?