Kim Kardashian reportedly has marriage therapy to thank for the fact that she hasn’t given up on her relationship with Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian and her husband have allegedly faced endless obstacles in their romance, particularly since the start of October, when the mother-of-two was held at gunpoint in Paris and fled back to Los Angeles in the hopes of being able to overcome the incident.

A month later, Kanye faced an untimely and shocking meltdown that left him hospitalized for eight days — the stress of it all weighed hard on Kim Kardashian, a source claims, and as the two reportedly started to argue more, and their commitment to staying together quickly faded.

Paris robbery heavily to blame for marital problems

Fortunately enough, the social media star felt it was necessary that if she wanted to make the marriage with Kanye last, the couple needed to see a therapist because that had become the only way they could get through one of the most difficult times of their lives, it's been reported.

And according to Life & Style, as cited by Hollywood Life, Kardashian and her husband managed to get through their darkest moments they’ve experienced since being married.

Therapy has had a tremendous effect on their marriage because the duo shares everything between one another now. Kim Kardashian has realized how important it is to communicate with her husband, even over the smallest things that are bothering her.

Without the counseling sessions, Kim’s marriage to Kanye would have already been over by now, the source adds, and the couple is fully aware of that, the source adds.

“Their therapist comes to their home and talks with them. They were considering divorce but decided to try to work it out.

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It’s been an uphill battle, but they’ve come a long way."

Divorce no longer an option for TV personality

News of Kim Kardashian going through therapy in order to keep her relationship with Kanye intact comes just months after reports had claimed that the TV personality was on the verge of filing for divorce, having reportedly become overwhelmed with the stress her husband had put her under.

Dealing with the robbery incident, Kanye’s meltdown and his erratic outbursts while caring for their two children was incredibly difficult, but as previously mentioned, Kim Kardashian knew she couldn’t walk away from her husband — it was the most difficult time she and West had ever experienced, an insider concludes.

Are you glad the TV personality managed to make it work for her and West? Sources say they are in a better place, so the chances of a split seem rather unlikely.