Kim Kardashian West is reportedly defending herself with the allegations that she intended to turn her face black in a Beauty campaign to promote her new beauty line products. The 36-year old actress received several backlashes on Twitter when the beauty campaign photos were released online. However, the reality TV star broke down her silence and said that she never intended to offend anyone. She even added that she was tan when the photo shoot was done.

Beauty photographs

Kardashian added that she choose to show the image to many people and into many businesses but without having the intention of offending anyone.

She further added that nobody brought out the issue until the controversy broke on the social media recently. Further, the actress explained that her team planned to make the necessary changes for the photographs for the sake of the campaign. Nonetheless, Kardashian and her team vowed not to repeat it.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star immediately faced the fire of her fans online. One of the posts on Twitter said, “I love Kim, but that’s def blackface in the form of makeup. She is nowhere near that dark."

The actress further added that the beauty campaign images appeared to be dark as a result of image contrast and her skin being a real tan. She added that she had the highest respect for everyone and she would not do anything that will offend others with her photos.

Necessary changes on the photo

When the backlash started to broke online, Kardashian revealed that her photography team decided to make the essential changes to enhance the photo. She further explained that all her team saw the problem and they immediately adapted to the feedback of the social media and did the necessary changes.

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Meanwhile, KKW beauty product is Kardashian's newest beauty line. It is set to be launched on Wednesday, and it has been projected to have huge sales. The products will be exclusively made available online at According to a report from People, beauty analyst expects that there will be about 300,000 units of Crème Contour & Highlight Kit which will be sold during that day in only minutes.

The said product comes in a good prize of $48.

Further, it will be expected that Kardashian will be able to make another $14.4 million on the date of launching. Apparently, these huge numbers of sales have been proven to be true when Kylie Jenner, Kardashian's sister, also launched her cosmetic lines back then. Without a doubt, her business has been a booming success.