The "Keeping Up with the Kardashian" star, Khloe Kardashian, has fears that she might not get pregnant after hearing the bad news straight from her fertility doctor.

Khloe, who was accompanied by her sister Kim, visited her doctor for a routine check-up that is set to be aired in an upcoming episode of their show. However, she finds herself surprised when the doctor asked her to undergo an ultrasound to check whether she is ready for a healthy pregnancy when the time comes.

On the recent "KUWTK" teaser, Khloe explained that she just came to visit her doctor and was not having any idea of the ultrasound.

Khloe and Kim were even joking that she might be pregnant, but the mood takes its unexpected turn when Dr. Huang delivered the bad news. The doctor explained, "We're looking to see there's nothing that will get in the way of a healthy pregnancy." It has been known that numbers of follicles were found on Khloe which he has anticipated being normal for a 32-year old lady.

The infertility news

Khloe didn't really expect to hear such news from the fertility doctor. She even added that it was not the kind of thought that her appointment would go. Apparently, such news is an unwelcome surprise especially because the 32-year old star is currently into a very serious relationship with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

The "KUWTK" star was shocked with what she heard, but on the brighter side, her sister Kim has been compassionate of the feeling that Khloe's nerves are experiencing. Kim even told her sister that she had cried a lot of times in the same chair that she was sitting in the doctor's clinic.

Blissfully in love with Thompson

Amid the fertility news that Khloe got from her doctor, it is still good to know that the reality star is very much happy with her relationship with basketball superstar, Tristan Thompson.

There were multiple reports which suggest that the 32-year old actress is very much willing to have a large family with Thompson.

While there isn't confirmation yet whether they're ready to start their family, it is believed that the couple is getting very serious with each other. A report from Mirror has confirmed that Khloe flies to Cleveland, Ohio every single week to see her beau, Thompson.

In one of her interviews, the actress told reporters that, "Things are going well. The relationship is very serious.”

Further, Khloe has also revealed that she is feeling the happiest and she takes Thompson the credit of her happiness.