Kevin Durant is currently known as a forward to the famous Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals. Meanwhile, rachel lindsay is trying to find her true love as one of the leading ladies on "The Bachelorette" show. Both were known as students of the University Of Texas and fans couldn't hide the excitement knowing that both had a serious relationship when they were in college. But what caused them to break up?

An insider close to Lindsay revealed that "The Bachelorette" star has to attend her law school back then and that made them part ways. To recall, their split was really amicable since what they had was a pretty serious relationship.

Lindsay was a sports medicine major during that time, while Durant was starting his career as a 6-foot, 9-inch basketball player. He was known for winning various national competitions while leading his team to different basketball championship events.

Kevin Durant's romance

Being an NBA All-star, Durant is known to have few romance stories. The recent romance which fans are seeing today is Durant which is being stared down by a popular woman, Rihanna. Nevertheless, "The Bachelorette" star Lindsay has been in the headlines every single day. It turns out that their previous romance had been recalled that they once dated in a land that is far, far, away.

Right now, fans are wondering whether Lindsay has been regretful over her split with Durant.

It would be pretty exciting if "The Bachelorette" finale will reveal that it is Durant that she is engaged with and not the contestants from the show. Nonetheless, fans are still looking forward that they will rekindle their romance despite the fact that both are into its respective careers.

Will they remain friends?

After their split, it is not clear whether Durant and Lindsay can still choose to be friends.

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However, "The Bachelorette" star has maintained a close relationship with basketball. In fact, Lindsay brought an NBA legend, Abdul Jabbar, on the recent episode of the show. However, none of these men came close to reaching what Durant can do.

Right now, the NBA all-star has been busy into his NBA finals game.

On the other hand, Lindsay has told reporters that she's got a new engagement ring. She even added that she is very in love and very much engaged. Meanwhile, Durant who once broke up with Oklahoma to join Golden State Warriors this season doesn't appear to be engaged with any other girls. Apparently, he hasn't been linked to any serious relationship by then.