A clip from Fox News shows police officers in London yelling at people to run away from London Bridge following an attack on the bridge by a van mowing people down. A tweet sent out from the police in London directed the people in the area to "run, hide, tell" after the attack took place. This is a developing story and reports are from witnesses and not confirmed. The Prime Minister did release a statement saying they are treating this as a "potential Terror Attack."

Bodies lying on London Bridge

CNN News is reporting that a van sped through London Bridge, "leaving bodies lying in the roadway." They spoke with a witness of the event.

Witnesses have said that gunshots were heard about 10 minutes after the van stopped on the bridge. CNN spoke to Mark Roberts, who witnessed the van mowing down pedestrians on London Bridge.

Van mows people down

Roberts told CNN that the van was traveling at a high-rate of speed, hitting the pedestrians. He saw one man hit by the van and saw him fly about 20-feet into the air. The van was swerving as it went along the bridge, running down people. The vehicle was traveling on the bridge, going south. Reports from witnesses indicate that the men in the van got out with knives and started stabbing people with "12-inch blades," according to Fox News. President Trump has been briefed on this incident and he is tweeting on the situation.

Stabbings and gunshots reported

Witnesses reported people lying lifeless on the bridge and police have reported that there are casualties from this event. As the van was mowing down people, reports came in that people were being stabbed at a nearby marketplace. There have also been claims of gunshots heard, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Three locations attacked

A third incident has just been reported, bringing the number to three locations in London: London Bridge, Borough Market, and Vauxhall. For many of the people who live in London, London Bridge and Borough Market are essentially considered the same place. The areas have been roped off by police.

Van ran down approximately 20 people

A witness that talked to the reporters said he saw bodies on the road as a taxi driver stopped and told people to run. The witness giving the report did run and hid in a restaurant cellar for about an hour. He reports that there were about 20 people down in that cellar and they could hear gunshots while in that basement. Once out of the basement, police told the people to move out of the area. They were looking for suspects in the area and it wasn't safe.

'Rapid-fire' from gunshots heard

A person who lives in the area of London Bridge said he heard "significant gunfire" before the van incident. He called it "rapid-fire," which went on for a while before the police arrived.

He said at first he thought it was fireworks, but it was gunfire. Police arrived about 10 minutes after this man heard the gunfire from inside his flat.

Roberts told CNN that he could see five or six people on the ground and not moving from where he was standing. He said the van didn't come to a stop until it hit a bus. After the incident, witnesses reported a "crushed van" on the bridge.

Police have not released the number of casualties from this event and other than the van mowing people down on the bridge, nothing has been confirmed by officials.

Update: The latest reports from the Telegraph indicate that there are at least 2 dead.

Hero taxi driver

According to the Daily Mail, witnesses are reporting a "hero taxi driver" trying to mow three armed men down.

The men were carrying 12-inch knives. The Daily Mail reports that there are unconfirmed reports of at least seven victims of the stabbing and 20 people who were hit with the van. The Daily Mail is looking for the hero taxi driver who "spun his vehicle around" trying to hit the men with the knives.